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Creating digital experience for forward thinking brands

Lizard Global is your full-stack digital partner - your CTO, technical co-founder, and go-to partner. We challenge the status quo by transforming ideas into a digital experience.

Our international cross-functional talents of Lizard Global are always looking for a challenge, dedicated to turn innovation into action and create cutting-edge software solutions.

Our goal-oriented culture causes our Lizards not only to do what they do best in their domain, but closely collaborate with other departments to achieve the optimal solution for all our clients.

Being an indispensable part of the Lizard Family, each of us is committed to establishing the best working environment and dynamics within a flat-based organization.

terence from lizard global in a client meeting in kuala lumpur officelizard global team and employees in kuala lumpur that are full of diversitymarkus from lizard global discussing a software development project


The eyes and forehead of Jeremy Raes, CEO and co-founder of Lizard Global
Jeremy Raes's portrait with the side of his head with the top of his left ear
Jeremy Raes's portrait with his nose and smile

I started Lizard global with Guido because we wanted to help companies with building successful and innovative software. To be truly disruptive, you need more than just a great idea. You need the right team to help you build, launch, and scale. Lizard Global is that team


Guido van Beek's portrait with his right eye looking down, forehead and the top of his right ear
Guido van Beek's portrait with his smile, right cheek and right shoulder
Guido van Beek's portrait with his smile, right cheek and right shoulder

Our digital development team delivers applications that add real business and user value on the front line of technology.


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My vision is to make innovation required instead of optional, to make it exciting instead of a hassle by establishing a culture that facilitates this mindset in our journey towards digital growth for all our clients.


Sofia T

Sofia T, Product Owner

Business Consultancy
Strategic Product Roadmapping
Growth Hacking

How we
got here

Curvy line that represents the storyline of Lizard Global
Curvy line that represents the storyline of Lizard Global


Official incorporation in both The Netherlands & Malaysia, gained MSC status by MDec

timeline points for lizard timeline
timeline points for lizard timeline


Extended services to UX and UI design to become to become a one-stop development house


Lizard Apps NL moved to CIC Rotterdam, entering a whole new world of Entrepreneurship

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timeline points for lizard timeline


LizardApps officially changed to Lizard Global to emphasise our provision of all services and our global presence

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Ways of

Adding value continously
with proven methods



We work in incremental iterative work sequences (sprints) to allow continuous software development delivery for continuous innovation. MORE ABOUT+ AGILE



We have chosen scrum which has resulted in fast time to market, and happier customers. MORE ABOUT+ SCRUM



Our certified lean 6-sigma team will analyse the product in the market and through validated learning, focus on what metrics need to be refined. MORE ABOUT+ LEAN ANALYTICS


viable product

We strongly believe in starting small with an MVP, and growing your product based on real-user data and behaviours. MORE ABOUT+ MVP



the lizard staff culture underline

Driven by a user-centric approach that fuels productivity and increases revenue, we innovate at the intersection of form and function, and of beauty and practicality.

Everything we create is made with an eye on the future. By providing flexible and scalable solutions, we empower our clients to keep dreaming big and never stop revolutionizing the digital world.

Our team is the heart of all our operations. It consists of a beautiful combination of diverse cultures, all working together towards a common goal to deliver successful digital solutions.

When we’re not creating and innovating, we take a step back and get to know each other more and more over a cup of coffee or a game of pool.

Lizard Global is a place where colleagues are friends who challenge each other’s strengths and complement each other’s imperfections. It has created a perfectly balanced work culture, which has become an indispensable part of what drives us to continuously innovate and create beautiful things.

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