5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Keep Your App Idea a Secret

28 Aug, 2020
Lotte, Digital Content Specialist

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Finally, it happened. You came up with a great idea for an application that’ll steal the show. Now you only have to make sure that no one will find out and run away with your idea and its potential success, right? Bad idea. Because how are you going to learn from possible mistakes or improvements, if there’s no one to brainstorm with? Who is going to actually realize your idea, if there are no developers to work with? And how are you going to find out if your app idea is actually successful, if there are no potential users to test it out? That’s why keeping your app idea as a secret is never a good idea if you’re really aiming for success. Here are 5 reasons why you should tell the world about your innovative ideas.

1. Spread the word

Ideas are found in the most unexpected places, and you’ll never know where and when you’ll meet someone who wants to help you grow your plans to the next level. Think of investors, other entrepreneurs, friends, family, other people in your industry, developers, designers, you name it. These are the people you’ll need in your journey towards the realization of your application. And they’ll only be able to lend you a hand if they know about your idea.

2. Creating = improving

Only when you take the immediate step to start creating an actual usable application, you’ll find out that you’ll come across continuous change and improvements. It doesn’t matter if someone steals your idea, as yours is probably already ten steps further in its journey towards success. With every implementation you’ll find out if a certain feature works for your users or not. Only by creating you’ll face decisions and perspectives you wouldn’t have found if you kept your app idea as just a fantasy. App ideas in itself aren’t worth that much, it’s the execution of the idea that can bring it towards great success.

3. Have your app made by the right people

Naturally, choosing the right digital partner will make a huge difference in the risk of having your idea stolen. By the right digital partner I mean organizations with a solid online presence and little negative reviews. A trustworthy and genuine digital partner generally possesses multiple official sources with positive client reviews, ratings, testimonials, etc. on websites like Google Reviews or Clutch.co.

4. Your digital partner won’t steal your idea

The reality of partners running away with your idea is often far away from the truth. First of all, it’s a digital partner’s job to help its clients with developing their application. That’s how they create real revenue. It’s their goal to conceptualize and realize the ideas of their customers, so why run away with it? It’ll only leave them with bad reviews or worse. Digital agencies with a smaller income probably won’t take the risk of running away with a non-conceptualized idea. And if big companies like Google or Facebook want to have your idea, they probably won’t hesitate to pay you a large sum of money for it. So, don’t worry, you can trust your potential digital partner if you take your time to find one with good reviews and a viable client base.

5. There’s always an NDA

If you’re really struggling with trusting your potential future digital partner, you can always bring up the option of an NDA, or Non-Disclosure Agreement. An NDA is a legal document that allows you to share your app idea with your digital partner without the risk of them running away with it. The document protects your idea and prevents your developer to share it with others, selling it, or pursuing it themselves. Generally, NDAs aren’t necessary if you find a digital partner you trust.

We realize your app idea

At Lizard Global, we love great thinkers and innovators, as these are the people who will lead us and the world into the future. We are always more than happy to come across entrepreneurs with great ideas, but no one to actually realize this idea into a physical application. We believe that a successful partnership consists of a perfect combination of innovative ideas and a team of highly skilled developers. With that combination, we imagine, design, create, and grow great ideas into beautiful applications.

Curious about what we can do for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us on our social media channels or via the contact form on our website. And we look forward to meeting up with you and see how we can turn your dreams into reality.

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