Lizard Global Achieves Prestigious Clutch Champion Status for 2023

07 Dec, 2023
Asrul Ash, Content Writer

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In a momentous announcement, Lizard Global proudly reveals its latest achievement: the coveted title of Clutch Champion for 2023. This prestigious recognition, awarded by Clutch, the foremost global marketplace for B2B service providers, solidifies Lizard Global's standing as a leader in the custom software development industry across Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, and beyond.

Lizard Global, a Trailblazer in Custom Software Development, Named 2023 Clutch Champion

Clutch Champions, the latest accolade introduced by Clutch, is reserved for the top 10% of Clutch Global winners. This distinction is a testament to the exceptional performance, industry expertise, and remarkable results delivered by Lizard Global when compared to its peers. The recognition is a result of acquiring new, verified client reviews over the past six months, underscoring the company's commitment to continuous improvement and client satisfaction.

The Clutch Champion designation is a seal of excellence that reflects Lizard Global's dedication to exceeding client expectations. This distinction is not merely a recognition of technical prowess but a celebration of the company's commitment to fostering enduring relationships and delivering high-quality service.

Sonny Ganguly, Clutch CEO, commented on the significance of the award, saying, “The Clutch Champion designation is the newest award providers can earn on Clutch. This year’s honorees represent the best of the best on our platform, and I am thrilled to celebrate and commend these champions for their ongoing achievements and dedication to consistently exceeding their clients' expectations."

Building Success Together

Lizard Global's commitment to collaborative success is evident in its approach to working closely with clients. The company's philosophy is encapsulated in its goal-oriented culture, where each team member collaborates across departments to achieve optimal solutions. Lizard Global prides itself on being a full-stack digital partner—a CTO, technical co-founder, and reliable ally—transforming ideas into exceptional digital experiences.

As Jeremy Raes emphasized, "Being an indispensable part of the Lizard Family, each of us is committed to establishing the best working environment and dynamics within a flat-based organization."

Explore Lizard Global's Excellence on Clutch

Clients and industry enthusiasts can explore Lizard Global's recent work and client reviews on its Clutch profile: Lizard Global on Clutch. The profile showcases the company's commitment to delivering innovative and cutting-edge software solutions, backed by the testimonials of satisfied clients

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Why Choose a Clutch Champion?

The Clutch Champion status isn't just a badge; it's a guarantee of superior service, proven expertise, and a track record of exceeding client expectations. For business owners and decision-makers contemplating their next digital endeavor, partnering with a Clutch Champion like Lizard Global offers several distinct advantages:

1. Proven Excellence: Clutch Champions represent the top echelon of service providers globally. Their recognition is not just based on technical capabilities but on a consistent record of delivering outstanding results.

2. Client Satisfaction: Lizard Global's inclusion in the Clutch Champions is a direct result of positive client reviews. These testimonials offer insights into the company's ability to foster long-lasting relationships and provide exceptional service.

3. Innovation in Action: Lizard Global's dedication to turning innovation into action is a hallmark of its approach. As a full-stack digital partner, the company is equipped to transform your ideas into cutting-edge digital experiences.

4. Collaborative Solutions: The goal-oriented culture at Lizard Global ensures that every team member collaborates across departments, ensuring the optimal solution for each client. This collaborative approach translates into a seamless partnership for your digital projects.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Choosing a digital partner is more than a transaction; it's a strategic decision that can shape the future of your business. Lizard Global's Clutch Champion status solidifies its position as a reliable ally for businesses with a vision for digital success. Whether you are envisioning a custom software solution, a web application, or a mobile app, Lizard Global's international, cross-functional team is ready to turn your vision into reality.

Explore the Impact: Lizard Global on Clutch

Explore Lizard Global's recent work, client testimonials, and the impact they've made on businesses. The Clutch profile provides valuable insights for decision-makers looking to make informed choices when it comes to their digital partners.

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Seize the Future: Let Lizard Global Be Your Digital Transformation Partner

As you embark on the journey of digital transformation, the choice of a reliable partner is pivotal. Lizard Global, honored as a Clutch Champion for 2023, stands ready to bring your digital visions to life. Our commitment to excellence, proven client satisfaction, and innovative approach make us the ideal ally for businesses aiming for success in the digital realm.

Your success story starts with a conversation. Whether you're envisioning a custom software solution, a groundbreaking web application, or a cutting-edge mobile app, Lizard Global is here to turn your aspirations into reality. Let's collaborate, innovate, and build a digital future that sets your business apart.

Contact us today to embark on your digital journey with confidence. Your vision, our expertise - a partnership for success! Get in touch!

About Lizard Global

Lizard Global is your full-stack digital partner—your CTO, technical co-founder, and go-to partner. The company thrives on transforming ideas into digital experiences, challenging the status quo, and creating cutting-edge software solutions. Lizard Global's international, cross-functional team is dedicated to turning innovation into action and achieving optimal solutions for clients through collaboration.

Frequently asked questions



How was Lizard Global selected as a Clutch Champion?

Lizard Global earned the Clutch Champion status by acquiring new, verified client reviews over the past six months. This recognition underscores our dedication to continuous improvement and delivering high-quality service to our clients.


How does Lizard Global ensure client satisfaction?

Lizard Global's inclusion in the Clutch Champions is a direct result of positive client reviews. We prioritize fostering long-lasting relationships, ensuring exceptional service, and delivering innovative solutions that align with our clients' visions.


What can I find on Lizard Global's Clutch profile?

Our Clutch profile showcases our recent work, client testimonials, and the impact we've made on businesses. It provides valuable insights for decision-makers looking to make informed choices when selecting a digital partner. Explore our profile here.

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