Lizard Global: Top Mobile App Developer in The Netherlands and Malaysia

17 Dec, 2020
Lotte, Digital Content Specialist

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One of the greatest honors you can receive as a business is the acknowledgment of your success as a reward for your hard work. After years of pushing Lizard Global towards the top of the ladder through hard work, successful projects, and satisfied partners, we are immensely grateful and proud to say that we’re now a part of the top mobile (web-) App development companies in Malaysia, and The Netherlands!

By continuously adding value to our clients, end-users, and ourselves, we managed to turn a small startup into a successful international business. With now more than 60 successful projects in more than 18 different verticals, we aren’t about to stop. On the contrary, we are working harder than ever to keep Lizard Global at the top.

Continuously adding value

In order to grow as a business, it’s essential to continuously improve and optimize your business processes, from design and development processes to your customer relationships. Since the birth of Lizard Apps (now Lizard Global), we’ve been closely analyzing our internal processes, and making data-driven decisions in order to grow in a sustainable and healthy way. In our blog about Lean Analytics you can read about how our team at Lizard Global makes use of data to continuously optimize our business processes and customer experience. By keeping track of the web/app metrics that matter most (OMTM), such as the number of returning visitors or the click-through rate, we constantly come up with new strategies and actions to improve these metrics.

Because we want to deliver high-quality products to our customers within a short amount of time, we make use of agile methodologies, such as bi-weekly Scrum Sprints in which we work towards the successful delivery of a minimum viable product, or MVP. In order to achieve an authoritative status as a digital agency/software development company, we have to continuously make sure that these agile processes are running properly and smoothly. We do this through regular meetings in which we discuss the status of our projects and look at how we can optimize our development processes even more. In our blog about our CI/CD you can read how we use the power of automation to optimize our development processes.

The customer experience

At Lizard Global, we highly value a sublime customer experience. After all, without customers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. By following a human-centered Design Thinking approach, we make sure that all our processes and strategies are made in such a way that it provides an optimal user experience. For example, by closely analyzing our metrics and by requesting frequent feedback from our customers, we redesigned our website based on these data-driven insights and direct feedback. This way, we are able to provide our end-users and potential clients with an optimized experience.

Besides focusing on data-driven insights, we have other ways to make the Lizard Global experience a personal experience. One of the things we do to make new and existing clients feel at home is our open door policy. Anyone is welcome to walk into our office for a chat and a cup of coffee. This way, we keep the threshold low, and get to know our customers in a much more personal way.

Top App Developer

At Lizard Global we know that hard work pays off. Recently, we’ve been recognized by the popular company review platform The Manifest for being the number 1 top app development company in Malaysia and Rotterdam, and we’re working hard to also claim a number one position in Amsterdam and the entirety of The Netherlands! Next to that, TopDevelopers has given us with a honourable place among the Top Hybrid App Development Companies of 2020!
Although these are great rewards to receive after years of hard work, we’re not about to stop. Lizard Global is focused on growth, spreading our wings, and providing our top-notch services on an international scale.


One of the most honorable things to receive as a company is a positive review from our clients. Not only does it thrill us to see that our clients are happy with the services we provide and the products we deliver, it also teaches us to keep improving our customer services. Closely listening to our clients provides us with valuable feedback to continuously improve our business processes and customer services. Being closely involved with our clients therefore results in happy clients, and that is exactly what we’re continuously striving to achieve. Here are some examples of projects we’ve successfully delivered, with happy customers as our reward:


The skilled team of Skoon innovated the Skoonbox, a reliable mobile and decentralized source of energy for on-and offshore purposes. Besides having their own sustainable battery container, Skoon also consults other businesses in finding solutions for mobile energy storage. With the help of Lizard Global, Skoon created a two-sided marketplace connecting owners and users of batteries in an easy and efficient way. The Skoon Cloud platform does this in a user-friendly, and secure manner, providing clean data visualisations, space for flawless communication between owners and users of energy storage, and more - all to provide large-scale deployment of mobile and clean energy on demand.

”I've selected Lizard Global based on the people, the characters of those working at Lizard. Open, cooperative and passionate for the product. The continuous passion for our product and personal involvement in the team are impressive.” - Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst


Together with Ferdi, Lizard Global created Flexpackerz, a mobile application for Android and iOs, made for flex workers who want to combine the freedom of flex working with the power of co-working. Flexpackerz encourages its users to escape their lonely bubble by providing a digital platform with the locations of flex work areas close to you. With Flexpackerz you are always up-to-date with all available flex work locations, and who is checked in where.

“The program is high-quality, with great performance, UX, and features. Animations are smooth, and changes in the backend have made the workflow 300% more efficient. Their team is communicative, flexible, and responsive. Every setback was met with a solution that made the project better.” - Ferdi Jansen

Tracker Apps

Together with Tracker Apps, Lizard Global developed two applications: Skill Tracker and Service Tracker. These two platforms encourage students to individually track ATL (Approaches to Teaching and Learning) skill development and record their learning progress, activities, reflections, and experiences. Using these two applications, teachers can easily track the progress of their students, and manage their curriculum to improve the overall learning experience. Our experience with educational technologies, such as the Tracker Apps project, resulted in an honorful position in the top 50 Educational App Development companies.

“Lizard Global's software know-how was key in launching a successful product in over 15 countries. They provided a seasoned perspective on operational activities, too, and remain diligent development partners. The team excels at managing timelines and expectations.” - Dr. Sally Creswell Hirsch

Want to know more about the customer experience of partnering up with Lizard Global? Check out all the reviews on and Sortlist!


With over 60 projects in more than 20 different verticals, we are working hard on building our way to the top. Luckily, our effort doesn’t go unnoticed. Over the past years we’ve received multiple honorable awards, and we keep them coming. At the moment, we’re still in the running for the Sortlist Rising Star award, as well as the Merk010 award for the number 1 SME brand of Rotterdam in 2020. Keep an eye on our social channels to find out more!

Lizard Global Awards

  • Clutch Best Mobile App Development Rotterdam (2020)
  • Clutch Best Web Development Rotterdam (2020)
  • Clutch Best Mobile App Development Malaysia (2020)
  • Clutch Best Web Development Malaysia (2020)
  • CiC Rotterdam: Awardee, Innovation Award (2016)
  • ACE Creative Business Cup Netherlands (2015)
  • Creative Business Network: Laureate (2015)

Client Awards

  • Ketelbinkie, Skoon Innovatieprijs: Young Innovative Company (2019)
  • Global Youth: Awardee, Best Travel Technology (2018)
  • Startup Funding Event, Innovation Funding Award (2018)
  • Innovatiehuis: Awardee, Innovation Award (2018)


Let’s grow together!

At Lizard Global, we never stop innovating and partnering up with inspirational intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, creating high-quality and cutting-edge software products. Are you still looking for a digital partner to bring your business to the next level with a (web) application or website? Look no further! We’re more than happy to help you with the digital conceptualization, technical business research, UI/UX design and custom development of your innovative app ideas. Reach out via the contact form on our website, give us a call, send us a message on WhatsApp, and follow Lizard Global on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

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