21 Jul, 2023
Lotte, Digital Content Specialist & Asrul Ash

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Technological innovations are changing education like never before. Not only do communication applications help us to learn remotely, innovations like E-learning and interactive online study tools create an independence of intermediaries like teachers or professors. We can choose what we study, when we study, and how we study with only a few clicks and swipes on our digital devices.

Because Lizard Global highly values good and widely available education -which is now possible with the power of technology- our services include the technical development of educational applications, with the aim to simplify online studying, make it accessible for the people who can’t go to school, and improve the overall digital learning experience. Our efforts in perfectioning educational applications is rewarded by an official place in Develop4U’s top 50 of Mobile App Development Companies in Education. We are honoured beyond words, and strive to live up to this title in all our future projects.

Develop4U is a digital platform on which users can find the best web and app developers for their product. You can search and browse through x of software development companies and read more about their specialties and qualities. Users can also provide Develop4U with a form in which they list their requirements, after which the platform picks 5 companies from its database which are most aligned with the users’ expectations and needs.

At Lizard Global, we understand how important education is, and how essential the role of technology is in providing education to the biggest audience possible. That’s why our skilled team is experienced in helping our clients with implementing high-end technological features in their education mobile applications. One of these clients are the team of Tracker Apps, which we supported in the development of two new products for teachers and students: Skill Tracker and Service Tracker. Both products are designed and developed for to be accessible on web platforms and mobile devices.

Skill Tracker enables students to track their progress and take ownership of their own skill development. Through interactive elements of gamification, students are motivated and stimulated to consistently make use of the app, and eventually improve their overall progress and performance. Service Tracker is a digital tool designed for schools to monitor and document service learning projects. It is a journal, log book, and guided reflection process all packed in one sleek app. Students can record their learning plans, activities, experiences, and reflections. This way, schools can obtain valuable insights into their services and the way students experience the learning process. With this feedback, they can improve their strategies and develop more meaningful and effective learning experiences.

Need a hand?

Keep an eye on our Works Page for more projects relating to educational app development. Interested in what we can do for your educational app? Do you still need a design? Or perhaps a helping hand in market research or custom software development? No matter how far you are in your educational app development process, we are more than happy to lend you a hand. Feel free to us on our website or social media channels, and we’ll let you know what we can do for you!

Frequently asked questions



Who is Lizard Global?

Lizard Global is a full-stack digital business, but we have a lot more areas of expertise than just software development. From the planning stage to design, programming, maintenance, and extension in order to create a new revenue stream, we regard ourselves as idea incubators and concentrate on assisting clients in achieving their long-term business objectives.


How long has Lizard Global been operating?

We establish ourselves as global digital partners for customers across more than 25 industries. In the past ten years, we have worked as a leading web and mobile app development company, winning multiple awards in the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Belgium, and Singapore, to name just a few of the countries.


Who is Lizard Global's target consumer?

Lizard Global is open to everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit who wants to challenge the existing quo. We take great pleasure in our job as concept incubators. We challenge our long-term collaborators. These kinds of connections are essential to us; our first client is still a client.


What is the primary driver of Lizard Global's growth?

We appreciate having a long-lasting connection. Our 85% long-term customer retention percentage is evidence of this dedication. The fact that our very first client is still one of our current clients shows how successful Lizard Global has been.

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