Salesforce: 5 Stimulators to Increase Your Sales

10 Jul, 2020
Lotte, Digital Content Specialist

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Sales are crucial for businesses to survive and sustain a long-term competitive position on the market. More and more businesses follow the current trend of digital transformation, and business process automation (BPA) can greatly optimize your sales processes. A great example of sales automation software is Salesforce, which is a cloud-based software company that offers sustainable and effective solutions for automating and managing CRM processes. A Salesforce integration offers users the opportunity to access a real-time and clear overview of their marketing, sales, and customer services. In case you’re not convinced of the power of Salesforce yet, here are 5 stimulators that can give your sales the boost it needs.

The basics: structured processes

In order for your sales to blossom, you need to have a solid way of working and structured business processes. If you choose to implement a digital system, you need to make sure it is flexible enough to adapt to your current processes. Salesforce is a great example of a highly customizable software package that can be adjusted to your current processes without having to change underlying structures.

Operational information

One thing’s for sure: your data is key. In order to automate and optimize your sales processes, it’s important to visualizse the architecture of your digitized processes. To do this, it’s essential to envision your customer journeys and identify the most important touchpoints and figure out where you either need to use or absorb relevant data.

Data insights and management reporting

Next to operational information, management reporting is essential to make strategic decisions. Management reporting consists of the collection of data from various departments of the organization, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and presenting them in an understandable way. This can be a very time-consuming task, and the gathered information is often not completely accurate due to limitations in data or data processing methods. Salesforce and Lizard Global understand the importance of viable information acquisition, and we can help you with the data requirements coming from higher and middle management.

Automate where possible

After you have mapped out your customer journeys and internal business processes, it’s easier to spot the processes that create the biggest bottlenecks and can benefit most from process automation. Once these processes are identified, you can start with creating a step-by-step strategy that steadily turns these processes into self-managing procedures.


Like any other practical business strategy, the extent to which a team can work together will be the deciding factor regarding the success of your new sales strategies. As every team member has their own talents, your business will only benefit from combining these talents on the same lead or opportunity to get the best out of it. Important is to make sure that all team members are aware of the importance of the adoption of new technologies, and are willing to spend time and effort into familiarizing themselves with it.

Salesforce and Lizard Global

At Lizard Global, we are specialized in the automation of business processes in various industries and business departments, among which digital transformations in HR, customer services, CRM, and sales. Are you considering optimizing your sales by process automation? By choosing Lizard Global as your Salesforce implementation partner, we guide you and your business through the entire process of sales automation: from consultancy to the actual implementation of the CRM solution and the provision of proper aftercare by monitoring, measuring, and optimizing continuously.

Interested in a Salesforce partnership with Lizard Global? Feel free to contact us on our website or social media channels, and we gladly help you further in the process towards sales automation.

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