11 Feb, 2021
Lotte, Digital Content Specialist

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The world is full of innovative spirits and creative minds, and you might be one of them. The first step towards a successful and thriving business is a foundation of a deep understanding of the problem your customers are facing. And as the formation and maintenance of a healthy and sustainable relationship with your customers forms one of the most important cornerstones of a successful business, it’s crucial to make sure your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is on point. Luckily, in a time where technology is advancing like never before, there are countless digital solutions that provide cutting-edge CRM services tailored to your business and your customers. An example of one of these services is Salesforce, which is a cloud-based software company that offers sustainable and efficient solutions. How they do that? Continue reading, and find out in this blog.

CRM: what about it?

Digital tools for your Customer Relationship Management can greatly stimulate the overall customer experience and eventual success of your business. CRM software is specifically designed to optimize and streamline the processes of communicating and managing the relationship between you and your customers. This software is primarily designed to centralize all these processes: a central point for receiving, processing, and sending data around your customers. All in all, CRM software can offer quite a few benefits for your business, such as providing real-time data visualizations, optimized and personalized communication, enhanced automation, and much more.

Although every business has its own goals and aspirations, there’s one thing all can benefit from: one single, centralized, secured place where all data is stored, together with a centralised platform where this data can be used and monitored for creating the marketing and sales funnel that your business needs.

Salesforce CRM

Software that provides a seamless solution to CRM, is Salesforce, which is a cloud-based software provider that offers sustainable and efficient solutions by interconnecting all the elements necessary for maintaining a high-quality and low maintenance CRM process. Its software gives users the opportunity to obtain easy access and a clear overview of their marketing, sales, and service activities by providing a unified cloud-environment where the sky is the limit. As Salesforce provides all-around compatible software, you are able to decide which of Salesforce’s many solutions meet your needs. Because of the large variety in given solutions, you, as an entrepreneur, are given the freedom to select the right solution for the right purpose.

Perhaps you’re wondering: “Why would I need a Salesforce partner?” Glad you asked! The answer is simple: you will save resources. A lot of them. This goes for both money and time. You will not have to ask your friend from college to come and take a look at your internal processes, watch hours of Salesforce tutorials or read hundreds of forums, wasting your valuable time figuring out how you can configure your business into the platform. In other words: our Salesforce CRM integration is a one-stop-shop for your needs.

Integrating CRM

Integrating Salesforce software in a business with existing and running business processes all but a one-click process. The usage of Salesforce can vary greatly per type of business, and the process towards optimal integration is an important component for the eventual scalability. In the process of digitalizing your business, it is crucial that strategies and solutions are made to last. Scalability is a keyword within this journey. Because of this, Lizard Global emphasizes the importance of using well-rounded and expandable CRM software and as such has partnered up with Salesforce in order to provide sustainable, scalable solutions that actually help our clients push their business to the next level.

As every business is different in terms of product, industry, customer journey etc., every business deserves its own customized integration. And as CRM plays a crucial role in all marketing, service, and sales activities, it is important that it is treated accordingly. Not only is it important to have the software implemented correctly, it also needs to be handled correctly. This involves some knowledge about the software itself, its functionalities, and the possibilities. It’s essential for your team to understand how the software works, so it’s crucial your team is stimulated in adopting new technologies in their daily tasks. Luckily, Salesforce’s CRM software is designed to provide an efficient and simple user experience. Next to that, during the process of integrating your CRM software, we make sure that we give the necessary guidance in understanding how the software works and how you and your team can get the most out of it.

Need a hand?

Lizard Global is an official Salesforce partner, which is one of the leading CRM system providers in the world. And as a partner of Salesforce, we support our clients with the implementation of centralization and automation in their business processes, with the software of Salesforce. How do we do that? The integration of Salesforce’s CRM systems in your business is done with a focus on the needs of your business. Because these systems provide an extensive range of solutions, it is up to you as an entrepreneur to decide what services you need. Together, we dive into your business process to find the right solution for the right purpose.

Do you need a hand with the implementation of Salesforce’s CRM systems in your business processes? We gladly take a look at your business and its needs in order to create a set of essential CRM services that can greatly boost your customer relationships. We make sure your software is integrated correctly, and provide you with the right knowledge and skills to get the most out of your CRM software. We do the work, you reap the benefits. Get in touch with us for more information about our Salesforce CRM integration. Let’s meet up to lift your customer relations to the next level!

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