05 Feb, 2020
Lotte, Digital Content Specialist

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Three weeks after the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas, it’s time to process all the cutting-edge technologies we’ve encountered. Here’s a list of the biggest trends in software development in 2020: from a personal rolling service robot to progressive web applications.

Everything smart

In our recap of the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 we’ve already gone through some of the epic cutting-edge technologies that were displayed at the event. One thing that stood out was the steady shift towards smart technologies and gadgets. Samsung introduced Ballie, a rolling AI robot, created to assist you with different tasks in and around the house, controlling and commanding other connected electronic household gadgets. This fits into the notable 2020 trend of the “Internet of Things”, which entails a group of physical devices that are all connected through the same network. 2020 will be all about interconnected software, and with the introduction of super fast 5G networks, the future is here in the blink of an eye.


AI and Machine Learning

Our devices aren’t just getting smarter on their own. It’s the rapid developments of innovations within artificial intelligence and machine learning that makes our devices become independent and super efficient. Increases in cloud storage, network speed (5G), and high demands for automated workflows free the way for these smart innovations. Examples of AI technologies growing in popularity are chatbots on websites, automated data filtering and analytics, and smart robots like Ballie. As you see, robots aren’t futuristic fantasies anymore.


Programming with Python

Programming languages like Java and C++ have been standing proudly at the top of the most popular forms of code within software development. However, Python is rapidly catching up. It’s probably one of the easiest languages to learn. It’s fast, it has an immense data handling capacity, and it’s great for developing scalable web applications. Next to that, it is widely used in AI and machine learning programming, as its simplicity allows developers to create transparent and reliable systems. Interested in learning code, but no idea where to start? Go for Python.



As we put all our personal and sensitive information on the internet, it’s essential to protect this data at all costs. Although the concept of cybersecurity has always played a central part in software development, it will significantly rise in 2020 and onwards. While an increasing amount of software, like health-trackers and other applications that require our personal information, becomes intertwined with our daily lives, there’s a growing amount of private information we store in online databases. In order to keep at least a little bit of our data to ourselves, proper protection is indispensable.

Progressive Web Applications

Instant applications or progressive web apps are becoming more and more popular. These PWA’s are a combination of a website and an application, which don’t require installation. It possesses the availability and open access of a website, with the qualities and functionalities of an application. It’s ready to use at any time, and at least as efficient as the apps we normally download from our app store. Faster loading websites, increased data storages, and improved UX designs are the key factors that allow PWA’s to become a core trend of software development in 2020.

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing the development of your software, website, or application is slowly becoming the norm within the tech industry, and a noticeable trend in 2020. Creating a piece of software isn’t only about developing, it’s much more than that. Businesses are increasingly looking for digital agencies with a complete package of services, including UI/UX designers, business analysts, engineers, project managers, and testers. At Lizard Global we provide our clients with the best visionaries in their field of work, delivering the full package with a guaranteed high quality.

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