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We build cross-device mobile apps with a world-class team of top app developers, with a stark focus on maximizing value for your end-users.

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Mockup images of mobile apps done for a client
Mockup images of mobile apps done for a client
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Heineken Drinkies


Rebrand, restrategize, and redefinition of online shopping. With a pinch of innovative in-app features, we brought a whole new experience for drink lovers. Drinkies is a solution that makes ordering drinks and snacks easier. With enhanced experience through easy browsing, discount & vouchers, quick payments, and a loyalty & rewards system, everyone can order the best beers in the world at any time.


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Cross-device development

React Native mobile app development natively renders for iOS and Android in a single codebase, making it more cost-effective and time efficient.


Top-notch User Experience

Outshine competitors by translating your unique mobile app ideas into cutting-edge visuals designed to attract and retain the best user journey.


Expand market reach

Top app developers collaborate with you to assemble the best possible solutions for your needs in the most efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective way.


Post-launch support

An error-resistant and stable mobile app is the key to winning customers. Keep apps updated with feature enhancement, app upgrades, and bug fixing.

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A list of clients that has worked with lizard global
A list of clients that has worked with lizard global
A list of clients that has worked with lizard global
A list of clients that has worked with lizard global
A list of clients that has worked with lizard global
A list of clients that has worked with lizard global

A list of clients that work with lizard global
A list of clients that work with lizard global
A list of clients that work with lizard global
A list of clients that work with lizard global
A list of clients that work with lizard global


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Frequently asked questions



How can creating mobile applications benefit your company?

The best marketing tools are mobile apps. Marketing new products and services, limited-time deals, loyalty plans, and other benefits for either in-person or online sales, can draw in new customers and better serve your current clients. A mobile app also acts as a continuous, real-time line of communication with your clients.


How to find the top mobile app development company?

Here are 7 suggestions to help you choose the best mobile app development business in Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, Belgium, and other countries:

  • Specify the criteria for your app.
  • Investigate their portfolio.
  • Read feedback from previous customers.
  • Verify their technological knowledge.
  • Look for a business that provides support after development.
  • Think about how they communicate.
  • Look at their pricing policy.


What is the price of creating an iOS or Android app?

The cost of developing an application can often range from a modest €10,000 to a staggering €1,000,000 in total. Naturally, this relies on the nature and complexity of your solution, as well as its compatibility with various platforms.

Find out more accurate pricing with our free app builder calculator: https://costprice.app/


How can I build a mobile application for my company?

You need an original project, knowledge, time, and most importantly, compelling reasons to design a mobile app. Here are the top detailed instructions for making your own app:

  • Write down your app concept.
  • Based on your demands, create a PWA or a Native app.
  • Find a professional and credible custom app and software development company.
  • Create an MVP for your app using the approach that works best for your company.
  • Use an app builder to create an app.
  • On iOS and Android devices, test your app.
  • Publish your app in the app stores after submitting it.


What solutions do mobile app development services offer?

We at Lizard Global do more than just design software. We serve as your digital partner. We will be actively involved in all aspects of your success, from ideation to production.

Our services include:

  • Production of customized iOS and Android apps.
  • Cross-platform development and progressive web app development.
  • Design services for UI/UX.
  • Moving a mobile app.
  • Prototyping and consulting.
  • Data analytics and growth hacking.
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