31 Dec, 2019
Lotte, Digital Content Specialist

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2020 is coming very close now, and for some people that involves quite some stress, chaos, piles of unfinished business, and dangerously large deadlines that have been postponed for months on end. While everyone is desperately trying to tie all loose ends together, our team at Lizard Global is already looking forward to all the new chances and opportunities that lay ahead of us in 2020. It’s not only a new year, it’s also the start of a new decade. And for some reason, that means a lot. For us, it means looking back at all the steps we’ve taken during the past years: beginning the journey as a startup and blossoming into a successful scaleup. And that’s just one of the accomplishments we’re proud of.


We did not stand still in 2019. On the contrary. In the past year we’ve been present at lots of interesting and inspiring events, where we got the opportunity to tell the world about Lizard Global, but also got sparked by many other amazing people.


Among others, we’ve seen inspiring pitches of leading ladies in the technology industry during the “Startup Funding Event: Women in Tech 2019”, where we got the amazing opportunity to hand out our own Lizard Global award to InmotionVR.


Our Lizards in KL have been busy too. Our team in Malaysia has visited FinTech conferences, meeting loads of interesting people, and, hopefully, potential partners. We’re invited to pitch our passion for tech at many more events, so keep an eye on our social media channels to stay up-to-date with upcoming events.


Not only did we visit interesting events, but we’ve also met a great amount of amazing people with inspiring ideas, resulting in indispensable partnerships and collaborations. One of those partnerships is with Skoon, a passionate team of maritime experts searching for an optimal solution for clean and sustainable energy supplies on demand. They did this with the introduction of their Skoonbox: a container battery that functions as a viable source of decentralized energy, for on- and offshore purposes. Together with Lizard Global, Skoon created a platform, the Skoon Cloud, on which users and suppliers of container batteries can manage their energy use. They’ve won the Innovation Funding Award at the Startup Funding Event 2019, and have only grown bigger since then. Our partnership with Skoon is far from over, as is our fairly fresh partnership with SalesForce.

Next to the success of our collaboration with Skoon, we also guided other projects towards their official launch, among which our partners at Brunott, Reach, Vanbreda Marine, Tracker Apps, Act Now, and many more to come.


2019 Was a moving year regarding changes within Lizard Global. Besides the change in our name, logo, and website, we also welcomed some great people to the Lizard Family. At this very moment, our team in KL consists of an astonishing amount of about 30 Lizards, and a quite smaller, but nevertheless amazing team of 7 Lizards in Rotterdam. And we’re not about to stop growing. Our name/logo/website-change from ‘Lizard Apps’ to ‘Lizard Global’ represents a huge step forward towards becoming a truly global business, not bound to borders any longer, and ready to take over the world with great software solutions.

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Better, faster stronger

Not only has our team evolved, our business strategies and internal processes have also encountered impressive growth. Experience has taught us to steadily improve our agile methodology, within the company itself and during collaborations with partners. Meeting and working together with innovative people from different industries, and with different challenges, constantly exposes us to the great diversity of products within the 'digital landscape'.


An example of a powerful improvement is our implementation of agile and lean ways of working. In which a lean process entails a business philosophy of focusing on the value for clients, and eliminating all actions that don’t contribute to adding this value. Our agile way of working consists of a flexible, cyclic, and iterative process of creating, testing, and changing in short 'sprints'. This allows us and our partners to allocate resources more efficiently, and to continuously deliver our products with a focus on sustainable growth.


We still have some things to finish up before the end of the year, but we’re already excited for 2020 and all the adventures we will face in the next decade. Our goals for 2020? First and foremost, we’re looking forward to meeting inspirational people with great ideas, continuing our current partnerships, and starting brand new journeys and collaborations. We want to keep growing, and we want to do it together with our clients. Together with our partners of Skoon, our Rotterdam Lizard Jordi will attend the CES event in Las Vegas in January, which is one of the biggest tech events on the globe!

We'd like to thank everyone we've met for your inspiring stories, and on behalf of the entire Lizard Family, we'd like to wish you a wonderful 2020 full of inspiration and opportunities!

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