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28 Jun, 2024
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You may have heard of the term affiliate marketing, but may not be too sure what it actually means. Well here’s a brief insight into what affiliate marketing is and how it works. Affiliate marketing is a partnership between a business and an affiliate or as most people know then as content creators. As you may have seen your favorite creator or influencer promoting a product in their videos, yeah they’re affiliates of that product or service.

As the world of affiliate marketing continues to dominate the marketing space we’ve seen a tremendous increase in affiliates and the demand for affiliate programs. The key players in any form of affiliate marketing are affiliate networks, merchants, and affiliates. In the midst of this rise has emerged the best affiliate network which is a web-based platform that boosts exposure for affiliates - AffLink!

What is AffLink?

AffLink is your go-to premier destination to get easy and quick access to exclusive discounts for shoppers and a great affiliate marketing community for affiliates. This web-based affiliate marketing platform connects consumers with a wide range of products while providing affiliates the opportunity to broaden their market reach.

  • Consumers: AffLink gives users a central site to seamlessly explore and discover affiliate links that gives them great discounts for products and services they are interested in

  • Affiliates: AffLink is a platform that helps affiliates better promote their products through free registration that allows them to enjoy an immediate visibility boost for their affiliate links that helps increase their consumer traffic and revenue

Brendan Chin, a 26-year-old working in the FinTech industry from Canberra Australia. He is no stranger with the want for discounts and a better browsing experience in relation to the search for one's desired products.

Here is what Brendan had to say about the gap between consumers and affiliates:

“I found it quite inconvenient when I was unable to find discount codes for the products I was looking to get. To me as a consumer, it is important that our user journey is seamless and enjoyable. The lack of both really got me frustrated and it got my brain working on how to best fix this prominent issue?”

As mentioned, Brendan was browsing through sites where he was left dissatisfied with the results that yielded to almost nothing. He came to the realization that when looking for discounts or the best deals, shoppers usually gravitate towards websites rather than social media sites.

Though affiliates still heavily use these sites (Instagram, TikTok, etc.) they actually function more as an introduction or promotion for the products, while websites are still the go-to place for shoppers to get more information, discount codes, and ultimately where they proceed to make a purchase.

It was almost a lightbulb moment for Brendan when he had this genius idea to create a centralized web-based platform that bridges the gap between affiliates and shoppers. He knew that this was no ordinary idea as the demand for both affiliates and consumers were already present, now the only thing left was to close that gap.

How did Brendan come to work with Lizard Global?

“While I was doing my research trying to find the best web app development company, I came across Lizard Global’s Clutch profile. I was able to filter through the site to gauge whether Lizard Global’s services were within my budget, do some business comparisons, and browse through some of the projects that the company has done. The 5 star ratings, along with the excellent reviews left by previous clients gained my confidence and was an encouraging factor that pushed me to reach out and make an inquiry.”

With that Brendan started his journey to realizing AffLink and getting one step closer to closing the ever present gap in the market.

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“Simply put, the goal is for AffLink to be the ultimate online shopping platform that links affiliates and users. The problem I’m trying to solve is the speed of trying to find discounts all in one platform. And in the process if I stumble upon discounts I wasn't necessarily looking for, that will be a double win! Another bonus would be for affiliates to increase their revenue as more and more people are aware of their discounts. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!” said Brendan.

He stressed the importance of having a platform that is not only efficient but also delivers the best user experience at the same time. For consumers, this hub has all they need to search, compare, and review different affiliate discounts while affiliates are given the unparalleled opportunity to increase their web-based exposure beyond their existing social media channels.

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Besides the aforementioned exposure to a wider range of audiences that can only be garnered through a web-based platform, affiliates will have the opportunity to integrate their social media platform into AffLink giving their users easy access to their AffLink profile and discounts. AffLink also offers free registration to all affiliates who wish to partner with them.

On top of that, affiliates get access to analytics that enable them to gauge their sales numbers and see how many times their discount codes were used. With this data, they are also given the opportunity to tailor their profile to make it more attractive to users while determining what works and what doesn't.

  • They get better exposure to market their products and services
  • They are able to integrate their social media with their AffLink
  • They are able to enjoy free registration
  • They get the analytics of their sales and discount
  • They get to tailor their profiles to suit the needs of their consumers

AffLink’s current focus is on ensuring affiliates get the best exposure for their affiliate codes and providing proper tools to strengthen their presence. Future incentives are in the works to grow the affiliate community through referral programs that garner affiliates' extra credit earnings and other exclusive affiliate benefits.

One of the future plans for AffLink is the introduction of The Premium AffLink Affiliate Program for serious affiliates who are looking to maximize their marketing effort. This program will include monthly subscription fees that give affiliates access to advanced features and tools that enable them to enhance their performance on the site.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Automatic Feature Rotation: Showcases Premium affiliates on the homepage boosting visibility and revenue
  • Priority Ranking: Prioritizes Premium affiliate profiles and shops in search ranking
  • Access to Analytical Data: Access to detailed analytics of Premium affiliate's profiles

While they do have quite a few features catered to consumers, that would be the focus for future phases. As of right now, consumers have the luxury of finding the discounts they desire.

Get started today!

Be sure to check out AffLink here along with their Instagram to keep up with the latest updates. Start your journey to building your affiliate marketing partnership with them today! You can be sure that with the exposure gained through AffLink, your partnership will be fruitful with the presence boost you’ll get when you register.

At Lizard Global, we’re in the business of bringing ideas to life just as we’ve done for Brendan. We’ve over 10 years experience in mobile app development and web app development that is fully responsive on multiple devices. Reach out to us today and let’s work together to transform your ideas into tangible products!

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Frequently asked questions



Do I have to be an influencer to be an affiliate?

No, you do not have to be an influencer to be an affiliate. Being an influencer will definitely help as influencers already have a larger following and have a relationship with their audience. As a non-influencer there are other ways for you to reach your target audience from blogging to product reviews, even utilizing forums.


Do I need my own website to do affiliate marketing?

Not necessarily, though it does have its benefits. The most popular means of promotion for affiliate products are done through social media, email marketing, and even YouTube.


What do I need to start affiliate marketing?

The most important is to have a platform to promote your product for example a website, blog, social media etc. Understanding your audience is a must, as is with any type of marketing, and of course partnering with an affiliate network or a merchant.


How much can I earn from affiliate marketing?

There is no one answer that fits all with affiliate marketing as this very much depends on the type of products, the demand for it, and the commission structure for this affiliate program associated with it.


What is CPA, CPC, and CPS?

CPA: This is Cost Per Action where affiliates earn commissions for specific actions that are completed CPC: This is Cost Per Click where commissions are earned for each click on their personalized links CPS: This is Cost Per Sale where commissions are earned through sales that are made using their affiliate links.

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