17 Aug, 2023
Lotte, Digital Content Specialist & Asrul Ash

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🦎 Who is Lizard Global?

We are your award-winning technical partner, who does more than just development. As the plug-and-play CTO of our clients, we think along with them every step of the way toward the realization of their digital solutions. A partnership with Lizard Global is an all-inclusive journey, without needing to outsource anything to a third party. Our full-stack in-house team takes care of all aspects of the realization of your app, from conceptualization to development to growth strategies.

As a software company of more than 35 result-driven team players, we’re constantly striving to disrupt the market with our digital solutions. Our award-winning formula consists of a core passion for digital innovation and close collaborations with our partners. Through effective partnerships with market disruptors, we solve key problems and build revolutionary and highly scalable products. We don’t win awards by simply knowing how to build software, but rather because we understand how the right digital transformation strategy can provide our clients and their end-users with successful and sustainable solutions.

We understand that every industry, business, and client is unique, and therefore requires a digital solution that’s perfectly tailored to the needs of their organization and target audience. Together with our clients, we take a deep dive into the ins and outs of their industry, organizational structures, end-users, and competitors in order to achieve a successful digital transformation that disrupts the market.

🧔🏻 Our co-founders | Jeremy Raes & Guido Van Beek

Almost a decade ago, a team of two young innovative, and aspiring minds decided to take a leap towards success in establishing a software development company in Netherlands. Coming from the Technical University of Delft, Jeremy Raes and Guido van Beek obtained a deep-rooted passion for technology and saw the potential it possessed to change our lives for the better. The unique combination of Jeremy’s business acumen and drive to achieve success and Guido’s impeccable talent for software engineering and clean code turned out to be the golden formula for creating the app development startup “Lizard Apps” in 2012, a Rotterdam IT company. This aspirational startup grew out to be the international success currently known as Lizard Global.

Carrying a profound love for South-East Asia, Lizard Global is in close contact with the technical university of Malaysia, where we provide fellow tech lovers with educational software development internships, from junior to senior level.

🐾 The Lizard origin

The name “Lizard Global” (formerly Lizard Apps) is derived from the extraordinary ability of lizards to adapt themselves to their surroundings and environment at any time. Next to that, in Western European culture, lizards are seen as robust and exotic animals, carrying an almost magical status. Almost a decade later, we’ve grown into the name and we’re feeling closely connected to the animal. That’s why we’re proud to call ourselves part of the Lizard Family, showcasing our team spirit to the world.

In 2019 we changed the name “Lizard Apps” to Lizard Global. As our client base expanded globally and service offerings expanded beyond the other Rotterdam IT companies, it only made sense to rebrand accordingly. Unlike other software companies, we don’t just develop applications anymore but provide a lot of additional services, such as technical consultancy, growth strategies, CRM integrations, and digital workshops.

With more than 13 different nationalities in our offices in Rotterdam and Kuala Lumpur, we can undoubtedly call ourselves a global team. We’re a proud melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and religions, brought together by our passion for technology, satisfying our clients, and growing a successful business. We’re already looking for additional inspiring locations in Belgium, Singapore, Australia, the US, and Indonesia (Bali) to broaden our Lizard territory further across the globe.

🤝 Meet our clients

Anyone who needs help with the development of their application can get in touch with us and start their journey as a Lizard Global partner. In the past, as a Dutch software company, we have partnered up with a myriad of different customers, among which:

  • Individual entrepreneurs who want to disrupt, renew and revolutionize their market with the power of technology.
  • Startups who want a kickstart to get on level footing with their competitors.
  • Scaleups who want to improve their current success formula into an even better solution to surpass their competitors.
  • Corporate innovators and intrapreneurs who are ready for digital innovation but don’t possess the right in-house development expertise to create scalable solutions.

So, no matter whether you’re an enthusiastic starter or an experienced innovator: Lizard Global is a software development company in Netherland that stands by your side to turn your ideas into reality. Our ways of working are organized in such a way that we can help customers from all over the world. Even during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve managed to continue our services and realize amazing projects with clients all over the world, in different industries. Currently, we’ve worked on over 70 projects in 21 different industries, varying from FinTech, Human Resources, and EdTech to Maritime, Real Estate, MaaS (Mobility as a Service), and much more. No matter the complexity of the industry or solution, we’re always up for a challenge!

🤖 Top software developer in the Netherlands

Since 2012, we’ve been working hard to get to the top, continuously improving our services and expanding our customer base to a global scale. By now, we form a core part of the best web- and mobile application developers in both Malaysia and The Netherlands, providing a full-stack package of services to enthusiastic entrepreneurs all over the world.

🛎️ Our services

In order to provide the best possible service, without outsourcing anything, we made sure to assemble a cross-functional team that’s specialized in their own profession, while also being experts in assisting other departments when needed. Our full-stack collection of services consists of the following:

All our services are designed in a way to provide the best possible customer experience. We’ve implemented the human-centered approach of Design Thinking to empathize with your customers and find out what solution suits their needs and behavior. We go from empathy to end-product by diving deep into the problem of the user and the potential solutions. With iterative experimentation of functions and design elements, we find out what works for your solution and what doesn’t. We do this in an agile manner, implementing bi-weekly scrum sprints and the delivery of shippable increments.

🚀 Think it, dream it, we build it!

Are you looking for a software development company in Netherlands to walk you through the entire process of app development? We’ll gladly be your guide on your road toward the digital transformation of your business. And as one of the top Rotterdam IT companies, you’re sure of a top experience with high-quality solutions that are perfectly aligned with your industry, target audience, and growth potential.

Interested to team up with Lizard Global, a Dutch software company, as your digital partner and friend for life? Get in touch with our experts via WhatsApp, our social media channels, the contact form on our website, or give us a call. We can’t wait to hear your story!

Frequently asked questions



What is a digital transformation?

Digital transformation defines the shift from offline to online. This can include any element of our society, among which the business world. At Lizard Global, we guide our clients through the process of digitizing their business processes in order to increase productivity and stimulate long-term growth.


What does a digital partner do?

A digital partner like Lizard Global provides you with a full-stack package of services for the development of your application, including the innovation stage and the marketing stage. Together with your digital partner, you’ll find out who your target audience is and how your solution can solve the problems they’re facing when using current solutions in your industry. Once the idea is there, our designers and developers put the product together, and only when you and your customers are satisfied, we’ll dive into the best go-to-market strategy for your solution.


What is design thinking?

Before even trying to comprehend the problem, the concept of design thinking aims to first personally connect with the end-user, in order to empathise with the user and create a stronger sense of understanding the actual problem. Once this connection is made and you’re on the same level, it’s time to take a close look at the problem and turn it into a concrete concept.


What is agile?

The definition of Agile is based on the iterative process of creating, testing, reviewing, and adjusting in order to make sure the end-user receives the perfect end-solution. This loop of feedback and adaptation is essential for app developers to create a better understanding of what the end-user wants, and how they visualize their ideal end-product.


How much does it cost to develop an app?

The development of an application, website or web app involves many processes, from digital conceptualization and technical business research to custom software development and UI/UX design. The price of these services fully depend on the complexity of your application and your personal budget. If you want to know more about our budget estimations, fill in the contact form on our website or give us a call.


How long does it take to develop an app?

The time it takes to develop your application is, just like the costs, fully dependent on the amount and complexity of features that need to be implemented in your solution. The more features, the more testing, the longer it takes to finalize the app with the highest success rate. The average development time at Lizard Global for an SME solution is about four to six months.
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