10YLG: Beyond the Desk, A Look at Lizard Global's Lasting Culture

23 Nov, 2023
Asrul Ash, Content Writer

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Embarking on a decade-long journey, Lizard Global has not only been a hub for cutting-edge technological solutions but has also cultivated a unique and lasting culture that transcends the traditional boundaries of the workplace. In our latest 10 Years of Lizard Global blog post, we delve into the insights and experiences of Lizard Global's senior employees, namely:

  • Izzie Fazhdiana, Admin
  • Chathuri Senanayake, Head of Development
  • Khaldoon Alwan, Head of Project Management
  • Kenny Liew, Lead Full-Stack Engineer
  • Eric Coutet, Product Design Director (UI/UX)

Through their reflections, we uncover the threads that weave together the vibrant tapestry of Lizard Global's culture—a culture that goes beyond the office space, fostering innovation, collaboration, and a sense of belonging that has withstood the test of a decade. Join us in this exploration of the people and values that have shaped Lizard Global into more than just a company, but a home for innovation and camaraderie.

The Unique Charms of Lizard Global's Work Culture

In the dynamic world of Lizard Global, the essence of work goes beyond mere tasks and deadlines; it's an ecosystem where innovation and camaraderie converge. Izzie, a seasoned team member, emphasizes the significance of a healthy work-life balance fostered by the company. "Lizard Global understands the importance of a healthy work-life balance and offers various perks and initiatives to ensure that we not only excel at work but also enjoy our time outside of the office," she shares. The company invests in team-building activities, flexible work arrangements, and an overarching focus on employee well-being, creating an environment that transcends the ordinary.

Khaldoon finds unique joy in the ample room for personal contribution to the company's processes. "I like the opportunity that I have to work with every department, serve as a bridge, and be a facilitator among them," Khaldoon expresses. It's a sentiment echoed by Kenny, who highlights the vibrant and collaborative culture at Lizard Global. "There's always a sense of camaraderie and fun in the air," Kenny notes, emphasizing the enjoyable moments of shared laughter and team spirit that make each workday something to anticipate.

Chathuri succinctly captures the heart of the matter with a single word: "The people." For Eric, the fun aspects are twofold. Firstly, he revels in the agency setting that allows exposure to various product and service categories. "Working in an agency setting, you get your hands on hyper-varied product and service categories where you learn something new every time a project starts," Eric explains. He underscores the high-paced, rewarding nature of the work and the assurance of a well-maintained work-life balance. Secondly, Eric highlights the unique bond formed within the Lizard Global community. "Coming to an office where you can build meaningful friendships with genuine people, where the camaraderie transcends the daily challenges of the grind," he reflects. In this narrative, the most unique and enjoyable aspect of Lizard Global isn't just the work; it's the genuine connections, shared purpose, and collective support that turn each day into a fulfilling journey of growth and camaraderie.

The Joyful Journey of Staying Excited

In the heart of Lizard Global's journey, stories from its seasoned members paint a vibrant picture of growth, camaraderie, and pride. For Izzie, the pinnacle of pride unfolded during the company anniversary celebration in Bali. The collective power of the team manifested in a moment of celebration and recognition, affirming the impact of collaboration, dedication, and hard work. This event became a testament to the outstanding results achievable through unity, motivating Izzie to consistently contribute her best to the team's shared success.

Khaldoon finds motivation in the continuous progress and growth the team achieves. Reflecting on the strides made over months and years, he sees a consistent pattern of improvement, fueling his commitment to the company's journey. Kenny's pride stems from witnessing multiple projects come to fruition, showcasing the team's talent and the company's unwavering commitment to excellence. These moments of collective achievement reinforce Kenny's enthusiasm for contributing to Lizard Global's ongoing success.

Chathuri's journey with Lizard Global echoes her initial search for a multicultural workspace that fosters both personal and professional growth. The flat organizational structure promotes open communication and collaboration, creating an environment where every team member's contribution is valued. From engaging in lighthearted banter to the empowerment of each team member through entrusted responsibilities, Chathuri finds pride in the company's strategic growth and its ability to offer a comprehensive suite of services.

For Eric, the first question unveils a narrative of personal and organizational evolution. The opportunities for growth and self-discovery, coupled with a synchronized improvement of skills across various departments, underscore the synergy that defines Lizard Global. In response to the second question, Eric reflects on memorable partnerships, highlighting a pivotal project with Van Breda where a pact among colleagues resulted in a successful showcase of their capabilities. The establishment of design thinking workshops, marked by improvisation and instinct, ultimately led to a profitable account and a genuine understanding between Lizard Global and its clients. These stories collectively weave a narrative of not only personal and professional pride but also of Lizard Global's journey from a development company to a dynamic digital agency.

Nurturing Growth at Lizard Global

At Lizard Global, the story of professional growth and development is not just a narrative but a testament to the thriving culture that fosters innovation and learning. Izzie, who embarked on this journey eight years ago, reflects on the invaluable opportunities that have fueled her growth. The commitment to continuous learning and the mentorship from senior colleagues have been instrumental, providing insights that go beyond conventional learning avenues. As she aptly puts it, "Their expertise and willingness to share their knowledge have been instrumental in my growth, providing insights that can't be gained from textbooks or courses alone."

Khaldoon's journey within Lizard Global has been a dynamic exploration of various roles within product management. Through dealing with diverse internal and external parties, he gained a profound understanding of each role's unique responsibilities and challenges. For Kenny, the company's commitment to a culture of continuous learning has been a cornerstone in his professional journey. Staying updated with the latest tools and methodologies has not only refined his skills but also positioned him competitively in the rapidly evolving field of software engineering.

Chathuri's nine-year tenure at Lizard Global encapsulates a transformative evolution from a native mobile app developer to the Head of Development. Adapting to the evolving technology landscape, she embraced learning on the job and expanded her skills from coding to leadership. Now, in her role, Chathuri focuses on creating opportunities for the team's growth and collaborates closely with the CTO to continuously enhance work processes.

Lastly, Eric's narrative weaves a story of trust and opportunity. The management's trust in his abilities from the beginning allowed him to take on roles beyond his initial application as a UI/UX Designer. This trust and willingness to take risks paved the way for Eric to shape a Product Design team within Lizard Global, fostering a genuine design culture. As he emphasizes, "It hasn't been a smooth and easy path; change takes time, change is painful, challenging with mistakes along the way yet it has kept me on my toes and has been rewarding." This recurring theme of belief and opportunity at Lizard Global showcases a culture that not only supports but also challenges its employees to strive for continual improvement.

Thriving in Lizard Global's Positive Work Environment

Within the core of Lizard Global's vibrant culture, a narrative unfolds—a story woven by the shared experiences of its senior employees, each a testament to the vibrancy that sets this workplace apart. Izzie, echoing the sentiments of many, highlights the emphasis on open communication and collaboration. The flat organizational structure acts as a catalyst for unity, ensuring every team member's voice is not only heard but valued. Khaldoon adds another layer to this tapestry, praising the open culture that celebrates diversity, encouraging each individual to be authentically themselves. The inclusion of various activities and events further tightens the bonds among team members.

Kenny paints a picture of a workplace where dynamism meets inclusivity. He emphasizes the positive impact of Lizard Global's culture on his overall experience, particularly noting the emphasis on open communication and collaboration. This culture not only enhances the quality of work but fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose among team members.

Chathuri, seeking a multicultural workspace, found exactly what she was looking for at Lizard Global. The flat structure promoting open communication and collaboration allowed for the free flow of ideas, irrespective of position within the company. The lighthearted banter and camaraderie evident in the workplace showcase a genuine bond among team members. Chathuri reflects on her journey within the company, proud to be part of its strategic growth and the positive feedback received from satisfied clients.

Lastly, Eric dives deep into the essence of Lizard Global's culture. His narrative unravels a unique experience that is hard to encapsulate in words. He explores the choice between climbing the salary ladder elsewhere and the substantial, meaningful growth achieved within Lizard Global. He emphasizes the significance of people, not as carbon copies, but as diverse individuals who share a commonality that fosters understanding, genuine friendships, and collaboration. Eric underlines the absence of hierarchy cards, highlighting that within projects or outside, all members are equals. The camaraderie extends beyond work hours, with Friday afternoons becoming a canvas for genuine fun, devoid of fear or filter. In each response, a mosaic of culture emerges, portraying Lizard Global as not just a workplace but a thriving community where innovation, collaboration, and genuine connections flourish.

More Than a Workplace, It's Family

Within the hallways of Lizard Global, a decade unfolds as a tale of more than just professional pursuits—it is a narrative etched with threads of loyalty, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging that transcends the traditional boundaries of the workplace. As Izzie, a seasoned member of the team, reflects, "My time at Lizard Global has been more than just a job; it's been a journey of personal and professional growth within a close-knit family that values and fosters loyalty, innovation, and excellence." These sentiments echo through the recollections of Khaldoon, who nostalgically reminisces about the "good old days" that remain eternally cherished.

For Kenny, Lizard Global is not just a workplace but a journey marked by profound professional growth and genuine camaraderie, transforming the office into a supportive family environment. "My time at Lizard Global has been a journey marked by professional growth, genuine camaraderie, and a sense of belonging, making it feel more like a fulfilling and supportive family than just a workplace," he shares. Chathuri adds depth to this narrative, unveiling a culture that extends "beyond the desk," fostering adaptability, resilience, and versatility—an ethos that goes beyond the ordinary confines of a 9-to-5 job.

In the midst of these reflections, Eric encapsulates the spirit of Lizard Global's ethos with a touch of humor and honesty, stating, "It's a cheesy one but I believe in it when I say that: 'We work hard and play hard.'" This simple yet resonant mantra encapsulates the essence of a decade-long journey at Lizard Global—a journey that is not only about projects, deadlines, and achievements but is also about a shared commitment to a vibrant culture that values both professional excellence and the bonds of a supportive work family.

10 Years of Lizard Global

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How does Lizard Global maintain a healthy work-life balance for its employees?

Lizard Global prioritizes the well-being of its employees by offering various perks and initiatives that contribute to a healthy work-life balance. This includes flexible work arrangements, team-building activities, and a general focus on ensuring that employees not only excel at work but also enjoy their time outside the office.


What role does collaboration play in Lizard Global's culture, and how does it impact project outcomes?

Collaboration is a cornerstone of Lizard Global's culture. Team members, as highlighted by senior employee Kenny Liew, experience a sense of camaraderie and fun, contributing to a vibrant and collaborative work environment. This dynamic collaboration positively influences project outcomes by fostering creativity, problem-solving, and efficient teamwork.


How does Lizard Global's unique culture positively impact its services and client relationships?

Lizard Global's unique culture positively impacts its services by fostering a work environment where innovation thrives. The emphasis on collaboration and open communication ensures that client needs are met with creative solutions. Clients benefit from a team that is not only skilled in their respective fields but also motivated by a shared commitment to delivering exceptional results fueled by a positive and forward-thinking culture.

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