Digital Transformation in the Community Industry

20 May, 2021
Lotte, Digital Content Specialist

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Technology has had an immense impact on the way we perceive and experience the world around us. Since the emergence of the internet and mobile devices, the way we communicate with each other has significantly and irrevocably changed. Without the possession of a smartphone or other digital communication device, it has become nearly impossible to stay connected to the world around us. At Lizard Global, we see how technology can change our lives for the better, and our goal is to develop digital solutions that add value to our clients and end-users.
The online community industry plays a critical role in the digital transformation of the world around us. While more and more of our communication happens online, there’s a growing need for real-life and face-to-face communication and interaction to contain the sense of being a human. This blog dives deeper into the community industry as a whole and as part of Lizard Global’s verticals and shines a light on the split between digital and real-life communication.

Digital transformation in the community industry

The community industry can be defined in many different ways. In short, anything that involves the interaction between a group of people can be seen as part of the community industry. Since the emergence of the World Wide Web, communities don’t just exist in offline spheres, like your local sports club or a student association. More and more communities are forming and expanding themselves online, which can be both a curse and a blessing. While the internet started off as a place where people could come together, no matter their physical location, it has also shown to be a place of exclusion and conflict. In order to live peacefully alongside technology, we need to find ways to use digital advancements to bring us closer together.

In this blog, we focus on digital solutions that contribute to the cohesion of individuals, offline and online. Digitalization of our society doesn’t necessarily mean we’re slowly excluding real-life social interactions. On the contrary, while virtual communities continue to thrive, there is an increasing number of applications that focus on providing a digital tool to help meet up with people in real life.


Lizard Global is experienced in guiding clients through their digital transformation journey and the development of digital solutions to optimize business processes. We do this to revolutionize businesses with the aim to reshape entire industries, among which the online community sector. This digital transformation happens hand in hand with our clients, who come to us with an innovative idea that can reshape their field of expertise.

Together with our clients in the community sector, we dive into the current problems within this sector, among which the current need for real-life communication in a world that’s becoming increasingly digitized. At Lizard Global, we believe that digitalization isn’t by any means a bad thing. On the contrary, we can use technology in order to create digital solutions that stimulate real-life connections between people. In that case, our digital solution is effectively an intermediary actor between people, rather than a product that entirely takes over the means of communication. We help our clients conceptualize their ideas into a concrete plan and digital roadmap, a user-friendly design and technical development to turn their solution into a functioning product.


An example of one of our successful community projects is Flexpackerz. Together with Ferdi, we’ve developed an application that allows users to find flex working spots close to their current location. Technological innovations such as cloud computing have enabled a revolution in remote and at-home working. We’re no longer stuck to a desk anymore, and with the growing popularity of online services, we can do our work from wherever we want. As a result, we tend to isolate ourselves, as social interaction is confined to quick phone calls and Skype meetings. We grow further and further away from our colleagues, and that can potentially have a negative influence on our social capabilities and overall mood.

Flexpackerz provides a mobile application that brings people closer together again, online and offline. The application allows users to add contacts, chat with each other and schedule coworking sessions with their connections. Flexpackerz is proof that a digital solution doesn’t necessarily mean our lives turn more digital too. On the contrary, the app stimulates its users to get out of their houses and offices and connect and meet up with other flex workers for real-life social interaction.

Main features:
  • Flex work location recommendations
  • In-app community builder
  • Chat functionalities
  • Providing location-based discounts


Another one of our projects that falls within the community vertical is ImagineDish, which was created as a mobile application that lets you connect with your closest friends and family, and provides a digital platform for users to share their food experiences in the form of recommendations and reviews, as well as beautiful photographs of their dish with custom camera filters. Together with ImagineDish, Lizard Global created an iOS application that allows users to check out great restaurants and dishes nearby, follow foodie-friends, view their stories within a user-friendly interface, and share their own experiences with their closest friends and family.

Main features:

  • Review and recommend registered restaurants to your friends
  • Share your foodie pictures on connected social media platforms
  • Use custom camera filters for your pictures

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Frequently asked questions



What is Flexpackerz?

Flexpackerz provides a mobile application that brings people closer together again, online and offline. The application allows users to find flex work locations near them, add contacts, chat with each other, and schedule coworking sessions with their connections.


What is the (online) community industry?

The community industry can be defined in many different ways. Anything that involves the interaction between a group of people can be seen as part of the community industry.


How is the community industry digitally transforming?

Online communities are skyrocketing now smartphones and the internet is becoming a bigger part of our lives every passing day. Digital transformations within the community industry don’t necessarily mean we’re exclusively finding ways to come together in online spheres. On the contrary, there is an increasing number of applications that provide digital tools to meet up with people in real life.


What does digital transformation mean?

Digital transformation defines the shift from offline to online. This can include any element of our society, among which the business world. At Lizard Global, we guide our clients through the process of digitizing their business processes in order to increase productivity and stimulate long-term growth.


How does a digital transformation work?

When a business decides to digitally transform their organization or specific business processes, they do so by partnering up with professionals who can both create the needed software and guide them through the process of getting familiar with this software. This isn’t an overnight process, and it requires practice and adaptation to see results.


Where can I find more of Lizard Global’s projects?

You can find more information about our projects in our digital portfolio and on our works page .
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