07 Oct, 2021
Lotte, Digital Content Specialist

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At Lizard Global, we believe in the power of technology. That’s why we aim to help our clients improve their business processes by creating software that automates these processes and steers their business towards a successful digital transformation. We do this for entrepreneurs and businesses from a broad range of industries. This week, we dive deeper into one of our verticals: the maritime industry.

Maritime and technology

The maritime and offshore shipping industry possesses a long and impressive history that dates back hundreds of years. About five thousand years ago, the first major routes were formed to trade goods and services overseas. Over the centuries that followed, vessels have constantly increased their potential for shipping goods on a global scale. Did you know that the general shipping industry is responsible for approximately 90% of the total world trade? That number showcases perfectly how important the shipping industry is in our daily lives.

Because the maritime industry has such a rich and lengthy history, it’s often proclaimed to be a conservative sector. However, more and more shipping companies are discovering the benefits of technology and business process automation. Digital transformations are changing the shipping industry at a rapid pace. More and more shipments and supply chains are managed digitally, on- and offshore. A few examples of current digital changes within the maritime industry are the following:
  • The adoption of technology and digital tools by shipping crews causes optimized insight into shipping and vessel information and an overall improved workflow
  • Real-time location tracking technologies can follow vessels around the globe
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can manage crewless ships and unmanned vessels from a distance
  • Smart sensors can predict maintenance and send repair notifications
  • Training and education in the shipping industry can be done with the help of extended reality technologies

This is just a handful of examples of digital transformations within the maritime industry, but there’s a lot more to come. At Lizard Global, we have multiple clients with their roots in the maritime sector, and over time, we’ve built a vast amount of knowledge and experience with applying technology to the shipping industry.

Project: Skoon

One of our partners with a deep-rooted passion for sustainable shipping is Skoon. The skilled and hardworking team of land-based and marine experts at Skoon are continuously looking for ways to create and optimize a new 2-sided marketplace for sustainable and efficient battery rentals. They found a way to optimize energy transitions for mostly land-based, as well as offshore purposes with the creation of their Skoonbox. The Skoonbox is a reliable and decentralized energy source neatly packaged in their characteristic Skoon container. Their sustainable solution contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and reduces the use of highly polluting heavy shipping fuel, all contributing to a cleaner and brighter future. Besides providing their own battery containers, and a marketplace for other battery storage solutions, they also offer consultancy in finding solutions for mobile energy storage, on- and offshore.

What we did

Together with the team of Skoon, we created Skoon Cloud: a cutting-edge digital platform that provides its users with data insights into their container batteries, together with the option to upload or find batteries for rent. Skoon Cloud functions as a 2-sided digital marketplace that efficiently connects battery owners with battery renters for multiple purposes, like land-based festivals or construction sites, as well as offshore shipping. The integrated map shows you where to find a battery close by, as well as their current status. All data is secured and protected within the online database of Skoon Cloud.
On the business success case on our website, you can read more about our partnership with Skoon.

Project: War Additional Premium Application (WAPA)

Van Breda is another one of our partners with its roots in the maritime sector. They function as a maritime insurance broker, protecting an ever-increasing fleet of more than 100 offshore vessels against the risk of war, damages, and theft. In order to make sure all vessels are continuously followed and controlled automatically, a digital solution had to be developed.

What we did

Listening closely to the needs of our clients from Van Breda, we were able to conceptualize, design and develop a digital platform that shows real-time insights into vessels in low-, mid- and high-risk areas. The War Additional Premium Application, or WAPA, runs on real-time tracking technologies that make use of automatic identification systems. Users of the platform can manage and edit their policies, fleet, risk zones, maps and list views, vessels and voyages within the WAPA user-friendly WAPA interface, and get notified when vessels are entering a high-risk zone. Want to have a look at the interface and learn more about our partnership with VanBreda? Read our latest interview here, or check out their business success case here.

Lizard Global and the maritime industry

As with many other industries, the maritime industry is rapidly growing towards a total digital transformation. Lizard Global gladly contributes to this journey towards the end-goal of process automation. Our connections with professionals in the maritime industry have taught us a lot about the potential technological improvements within this sector and push us to keep innovating in order to make this unique sector more efficient, without taking away its characteristic connection to its rich history.

Not only do we conceptualize, design, develop, and market digital solutions, we also help during the process of the adoption of new technologies. The digital shift isn’t easy, especially if a company or entire sector is so used to doing it the classic way. Our digital solutions are focused on a user-friendly experience for everyone, also users who aren’t used to dealing with new technologies.

Curious about our other verticals? Check out our portfolio for an insight into all the industries we’re supporting with digital solutions. Or read more about our experience in Human Resources, FinTech, the community industry or the Healthcare industry. Want to know more about our verticals and the clients we’re guiding towards the digital transformation of their business? Or do you want to know what we can do for you? Get in touch with us, and let’s partner up!

Frequently asked questions



What is the maritime/shipping industry?

The maritime industry brings together anything related to the oceans, seas, shipping, naval navigation, ship owning, port management, and much more. The maritime industry forms the backbone of global trade and with that our global economy.


What does digital transformation mean?

Digital transformation defines the shift from offline to online. This can include any element of our society, among which the business world. At Lizard Global, we guide our clients through the process of digitizing their business processes in order to increase productivity and stimulate long-term growth.


How does a digital transformation work?

When a business decides to digitally transform their organization or specific business processes, they do so by partnering up with professionals who can both create the needed software and guide them through the process of getting familiar with this software. This isn’t an overnight process, and it requires practice and adaptation to see results.


What does digital transformation in the maritime industry look like?

The digital transformation of the maritime industry revolves around new developments and advancements in modern technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT and business process automation. These technologies all contribute to optimizing and streamlining existing processes, creating new business opportunities and revolutionizing future supply chains.


Where can I find more of Lizard Global’s projects?

You can find more information about our projects in our digital portfolio and on our works page .
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