Lizard Global`s Workshops: Digital Transformation

22 Apr, 2021
Lotte, Digital Content Specialist

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Stimulating the digital transformation of businesses forms a core aspect of Lizard Global’s mission. We provide our clients with the right digital solutions and technologies to accelerate and optimize their business processes, from UI/UX design to custom software development. In order to provide an optimized customer experience, we launched our custom digital workshops in 2020. One of these workshops is fully focused on the process of digital transformation and forms the next step after our Design Thinking workshop. This workshop is designed to help businesses survive and grow in the increasingly competitive digital landscape. This blog gives a sneak preview of our Digital Transformation workshop and takes you through the individual sessions and their designated deliverables.

What do I learn at a Digital Transformation workshop?

Our Digital Transformation workshop takes you on a journey towards a thorough understanding of digital opportunities customized to you and your business. Whereas our Design Thinking workshop creates a fundamental insight into your target audience by creating detailed customer personas, our Digital Transformation workshop dives deeper into this audience and offers a thorough industry analysis. By doing this, you are able to identify realistic digital solutions for your business processes and end-users. Once we’ve identified the essential elements of the digital transformation of our business, we can start defining a solid strategy and phased transformation planning. The deliverables of our Digital Transformation workshop consist of the following:

  • A collection of presentation decks
  • User/target audience analysis report
  • Industry & competitor analysis report
  • Implementation/change strategy & planning document

What does a Digital Transformation workshop look like?

Our Digital Transformation workshop consists of three to four sessions and starts off with a thorough analysis of your target audience and the industry your business is active in. Before we dive into analyzing the business processes that can benefit from a digital transformation, we give you and your team the time to process the first sessions and gather examples that will help form the desired process. Afterward, we come with a step-by-step strategy plan in order to achieve an optimized and agile digital transformation process.

Session 1: Audience & Industry Analysis

In order to transform your business processes, you need to understand the people that are involved in these processes from a digital perspective. Simply changing the process doesn’t determine success. It’s how these changes are received and executed by its stakeholders that will eventually determine the success of your digital transformation. In order to make sure that your digital transformation strategy is perfectly aligned with your target audience, you need to understand how they behave, think, and interact with your product or service.

Activities during the first session include:
  • Creating a high-level description of the target audience from a digital perspective
  • Listing demographics & creating personas
  • Listing user motivations
  • Define the desired end-user experience
  • Journey Mapping
  • Creating alignment with corporate strategy

Session 2: Process Analysis

An inherent part of digital transformation consists of process automation. This means that certain processes within your organization are being shifted from manual to digital, which can greatly reduce the factor of human error and thereby increase productivity and quality. However, it is crucial to ensure that automation does not conflict with your overall corporate strategy and value proposition. In order to get the most out of process automation, it’s essential to know what processes can benefit most from a digital transformation. During this session, we identify these processes together by closely analyzing the steps taken by the target audience and critically analyzing how these steps can be digitized.

  • Activities during the second session include:
  • Visualizing user journeys
  • Eliminating unnecessary processes
  • Identifying automation opportunities
  • Setting desired outcomes for triggers based on actions
  • Identifying digital solutions

Session 3: Implementation

Defining the specific processes that can benefit from automation and deciding what technical sub-solutions are best to implement in these processes only forms one part of your digital transformation. Another essential step is to carefully prepare and execute a change management strategy. People need time, motivation, and opportunity to adjust to something new, especially when it involves technology. Onboarding them effectively determines a successful implementation next to having a great solution. The third session of our Digital Transformation workshops focuses fully on identifying key actions and a step-by-step plan to implement the digital changes within your existing processes and business.

  • Activities during the third session include:
  • Identifying important actions of the total journey
  • Setting desired outcomes for automated process
  • Creating multiple user journeys across different processes
  • Creating a content strategy

Who can benefit from our Digital Transformation workshops?

Our Digital Transformation Workshop is designed for anyone who wants to prepare their business for long-term success in an increasingly competitive digital environment. In a rapidly technologically advancing world, it’s impossible to stay relevant when your competitors are constantly striving to gain a digital upper hand. Our Digital Transformation workshops are for companies that have clear digital opportunities but don’t know how to get the most out of those opportunities and how to manage their business during the change implementation process. Based on the expertise and experience of our cross-functional team at Lizard Global, we are able to not only shape the best solution but also create a plan that increases the success of these digital implementations.

In what phase of my project can a Digital Transformation workshop be helpful?

Our workshops are designed in such a way that they can be implemented in multiple stages of your business. You can choose to start off with our Design Thinking workshop and decide to continue your journey towards digitalization by following our Digital Transformation workshop and/or Digital Product Strategy workshop. Generally, our Digital Transformation workshop forms a part of the conceptualization phase, where we provide a relevant solution which we can implement if you so choose. If you would like to know if a Digital Transformation workshop could be something for you and your organization, get in touch with us via WhatsApp or give us a call!

Who is involved in a Digital Transformation workshop?

As with our Design Thinking and Digital Product Strategy workshops, you and your team play the core role in all the sessions. After all, it’s essential that you’re fully behind the choices that are made and actually understand the automation processes we’re going through. Besides, you and your team have the best understanding of your industry and the most detailed insight into the construction of your current business processes. While you provide us with an insight into your organization and its internal processes, we help with the identification of digital opportunities to improve or even disrupt your market.

Digital Transformation Specialist

Our Digital Transformation Specialist makes sure that the overall process of the workshop is well organized and structured. They will be your main point of contact in the overall communication around the workshop and make sure that the end goals are met. They play a central role in the industry and competitor analysis and corporate strategy alignment.

UI/UX Specialist

Our skilled UI/UX designer will help you translate user objectives into the user experience. Our cross-functional UI/UX specialist takes a supporting role in the process of identifying the target audience by creating customer personas, guiding the problem definition process, and visualizing the user journey.


The skilled full-stack development team provides insights into technical opportunities and potential technological solutions. They know exactly what types of technology can be implemented in specific processes to achieve an optimal result.

Project managers

The Project Manager makes sure that the meetings and sessions are planned and organized in a streamlined manner. They monitor the timeline and scope of the workshop and report and update on the overall progress.

Ready to partner up?

Due to our rich depth of experience across multiple types of companies and industries, we are able to create a validated process that transforms any idea into a practical plan. This differentiates us from the average consultant who only provides ideas. After the workshop, Lizard Global can actually help with the implementation of the solutions we’ve come up with during our workshop sessions and guide you through the process of the adoption of new technologies in your organization. Interested to find out what our Digital Transformation workshop can do for you and your organization? Give us a call or get in touch with us via WhatsApp or on our social media channels, and let’s get to work!

Frequently asked questions



What workshops does Lizard Global provide?

  • Workshop: Design Thinking
  • Workshop: Digital Transformation
    - Workshop: Digital Product Strategy


What is a digital transformation workshop at Lizard Global?

Our Digital Transformation workshop takes you on a journey towards a thorough definition and understanding of digital opportunities within your business and provides a step-by-step plan to implement these digital solutions.


What does digital transformation mean?

Digital transformation defines the shift from offline to online. This can include any element of our society, among which the business world. At Lizard Global, we guide our clients through the process of digitizing their business processes in order to increase productivity and stimulate long-term growth.


How does a digital transformation work?

When a business decides to digitally transform their organization or specific business processes, they do so by partnering up with professionals who can identify digitalization opportunities, create the necessary software, and guide them through the process of getting familiar with this software. This isn’t an overnight process, and it requires practice and adaptation to see results.


What is the price of a Lizard Global workshop?

For more information about the pricing of our workshops, get in touch with one of our specialists. They will tell you everything you need to know about the workshop itself, as well as provide you with specific information about the estimated costs of our individual workshops, or multiple workshops in one package.
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