26 Oct, 2020
Lotte, Digital Content Specialist

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At Lizard Global, we think that every industry can greatly benefit from digital solutions. From the rather conservative maritime industry to the highly innovative and rapidly growing EdTech (educational technologies) and FinTech (financial technologies) industry, we don’t shy away from a challenge to help businesses in all sectors towards their digital transformation. This blog highlights our experience with CRM, and shows you exactly how we can help your business with the integration of your personal Salesforce CRM system.

CRM and Lizard Global

In our blog about the benefits of CRM systems we already gave you an insight into the basics of CRM and how it can streamline your business processes. Lizard Global is an official partner of Salesforce, which is one of the leading CRM system providers in the world. As a partner of Salesforce, we help our clients with the implementation of centralization and automation in their business processes, with the software of Salesforce. How do we do that? The integration of Salesforce’s CRM systems in your business is done with a focus on the needs of your business. Because these systems provide an extensive range of solutions, it is up to you as an entrepreneur to decide what services you need. Together, we dive into your business process to find the right solution for the right purpose.

A step-by-step CRM integration with Lizard Global

The integration of Salesforce’s CRM systems isn’t a one-click process. To start, we need to find out what exact services your business needs in order to blossom. Additionally, we need to make sure that the integration is made to last and that your CRM solutions are scalable for potential future growth. Luckily, our partnership with Salesforce makes sure that we are able to provide the best software and service for your business. Curious what a CRM integration with Lizard Global looks like? Keep on reading!

1. Discovery session

We start the integration by getting to know you and your business to find out what solution fits your organization's objectives. During the Discovery Phase, we meet up with you and have a close look at the following elements:

  • The business goals of your company to ensure that the provided solution will align with your organization’s strategy and to make sure that the entire team focuses on the same outcome.
  • The current process: what are the different steps you are taking at the moment and what are the biggest pain points in this process? Which steps can improve and which should be redesigned?
  • The desired process: What would your perfect process look like? How can you better service your customers by saving time and improving the customer experience? Which steps can and should we automate and which will still require human interaction?
  • The roadmap: what is a logical and realistic order for your implementation? You need to take a user adoption process into consideration, where you onboard both your internal staff and your customers by applying a phased approach.

2. Creating a blueprint

The Blueprint is a technical document that specifies the actual implementation of your CRM system. This contributes to the mutual understanding of how the solution will be implemented and how it contributes to your business goals discussed during the discovery phase.

3. Implementation & status updates

This is when we get our hands dirty to deliver you a clean solution for your business. This is an interactive process where Lizard Global keeps you up-to-date regarding the progress by showing a demo of the CRM at the end of every sprint (every 2 weeks). This enables you to give continuous feedback starting in an early stage that can be processed immediately, instead of having to wait until the final delivery to provide feedback.

5. Solution walkthrough

By stepping inside of the mind of the actual end-users, Lizard Global provides tailored solution walkthroughs that are recorded so your stakeholders can view the way of working at any time. This will strongly contribute to the user adoption process to achieve user acceptance and to get your internal staff familiar with the newly implemented technologies.

6. Follow-up evaluation

User Adoption does not stop after the walkthrough. It is an ongoing process. We therefore enable our clients to provide constant feedback. This will create great insights into how to tailor your CRM solution even more to the needs of the users.

Our Projects

Lizard Global already implemented Salesforce for several companies, operating from a variety of industries, with different purposes. A perfect example of our experience is the process of implementing Salesforce to facilitate the service process of a retail company that sells luxurious jewellery. They struggled with establishing a smooth communication with their customers regarding the repair status of their jewelry, which proved to be a complex and time-consuming task. We carefully analyzed their current processes and, looking at their end-consumer, closely looked at the most perfect process for the client. After this, we were able to understand which steps in the process could greatly benefit from automation, while still informing the client accordingly as expected. By providing them the option to pay online and not having to go to the store, we were able to significantly enhance the customer experience.

Another example is our collaboration with an oil & gas services company, guiding them through the optimization of their current sales process. Their initial process involved numerous steps, which all relied on human intervention. By providing them with the great tools that Salesforce has to offer, we were able to ensure an effective collaboration among the team members, a way to accurately track the progress of certain deals, and to automate the generation of quote documents. This resulted in more effective sales, and an overall higher efficiency which allowed sales executives to handle more deals at the same time.

Need a hand?

Is your business ready for the implementation of a centralized CRM system and making the step towards the digitalisation of your organization? Are you looking for a digital partner to help you create a digital environment that gives you and your organization the insights you need? At Lizard Global, we gladly dive into this project together with you and your organization. Get in touch with us, and let’s meet up with a cup of coffee to find out how we can bring your business to the next level with the integration of a CRM system that fits the unique needs and character of your business.

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