What Makes a Great App? 8 Powerful Features to Inspire You!

12 Oct, 2023
Asrul Ash, Content Writer

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Globally, the app stores—App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery, and others—have more than 8.9 million mobile applications available. That figure is astounding. This means that if you want your app to truly stand apart from the competition, it must have an amazing user experience and design. We have put together a list of questions that can assist you with deciding on the best features to add to your app to set it apart from the competition.

Whether you are a product owner for an app development company or a business owner trying to create one of the most popular applications, this blog is for you. Let's begin by discussing the characteristics of a successful app.

What makes a good app?

This has a seemingly straightforward answer: an app is successful if it completely meets the needs of the end user and does it swiftly and efficiently. Even if software only has one function, it performs it incredibly well.

Success for apps or custom software is a process, not a single step. Most businesses make an effort over time to improve their app so that it better meets the demands of their consumers and is successful.

7 key features of a successful app for any business (Product Owners take note!)

Even if your software has a catchy brand and is supported by market research, this won't matter if the content is poor. You can look at some must-have features using this helpful list.

1. Does the app feature solve a problem?

Depending on the target market or the niche market, an app feature that resolves a customer issue will change. But one of the main reasons people purchase something, shell out for a service, or in this example, download an app, is because of features that address problems.

A tried-and-true business strategy called the Lean Startup supports that companies stand the best chance of succeeding if they focus on their target market's immediate demands. No matter which useful app features you choose, prioritizing them will put you one step ahead of your rivals.

2. Does the app have an excellent user experience (UX)?

It's also crucial to evaluate your user experience. Even though it's not technically an app feature, a bad user experience will cause customers to abandon the app before you can even offer an apology.

You should consider the user's perspective as you navigate your app. Would they like the colors you chose? Would they have trouble understanding the sections? Are there elements that would disturb or confuse them?

Going to UI/UX experts like Lizard Global can help to guarantee that things are functioning properly because the user experience isn't always the simplest thing to understand.

3. Does the app support social media integration?

Wouldn't you want consumers to notify all of their friends about the application if it can solve problems? As an alternative, perhaps users just find your application interesting and want to tell their friends about it.

Top-grossing mobile games like Candy Crush Saga and Temple Run reflect this. While Temple Run encourages you to tweet your victory, Candy Crush's social media integration comes via linking your Facebook account in order to earn additional lives.

Despite the fact that they may appear like a very modest app feature to add, when users have a small number of Facebook friends or Twitter followers, your app's reach may grow significantly.

4. Does the app deliver real value?

It's crucial to consider your app as a means of producing distinctive value. Because users are limited by time, just seek convenience and speed. As a result, in order to promote and reward loyalty, your app must consistently provide genuine customer value. This value may be of use, enjoyment convenience, or a variety of other kinds. The most enticing apps typically have features that work seamlessly and are simple to use in a range of settings. To make sure that your app idea is successfully delivering the value you want, it is crucial to validate it through research.

5. Does your app give conversion?

The effectiveness of their app's conversion rate will also be a major concern for many Product Owners. A non-converting app won't produce results. Conversion features might be as straightforward as requesting Twitter followers or as complex as an in-app store with the latest and greatest features. What you intend to accomplish (for example, sales, social media followers, or app downloads) can be determined precisely by your success metrics. You should decide if your conversions are going to be micro or big.

Heineken Drinkies is an excellent example of an app that Lizard Global created that converts. They obviously want to earn a lot of sales as a customer, which is why their app enables the creation of wishlists for products. Heineken regularly makes product recommendations to entice app users to make purchases by adding items to the list.

6. Does the app allow feedback from users?

If your software allows users to leave feedback, that contributes to (or at least forms part of) the user experience. It would be possible to incorporate feedback features with just a contact form or a comprehensive survey. You won't get customer input on the features of your app if there isn't a place for it.

You'll also enrage the few users who do leave feedback, so take that into consideration. It will just be extra work for them to find your website or tweet your thoughts. Making it difficult for them to reach you is unfair to anyone who took the time to download and use your app, so do all in your power to make it simple for them.

7. Are you tracking the data in the in-app analytics?

You may learn about user behavior by monitoring your application analytics. This information can be used to evaluate your app's performance, offer suggestions, and pinpoint areas for improvement. In-app analytics allow you to measure downloads, user interaction, and retention in more detail. What aspects of the app are consumers interested in? Are there any specific areas where users are waning? When did they last use your app? Monitoring this usage pattern can give you information about how to improve the user experience and optimize your marketing plan, ensuring the long-term success of your apps.

8. Does the app have an ongoing engagement plan?

It's crucial to determine how you'll keep people engaged once your app launches. Think about how you'll increase user engagement using strategies like in-app messaging or push notifications. With the help of these notifications, you can quickly notify customers about your products or services at the right moment.

Customers expect companies to cater to their tastes with personalized adverts and content in the mobile age. The relevance and personalization of your message to your consumers are crucial for the success of your app. Utilize app analytics to determine which content is most captivating to consumers, and then use this information to create your messaging plan. Utilize the geolocation features on mobile devices to send users personalized and pertinent messages based on their location.

Need a hand?

It's a big decision to create an app, but you don't have to go it alone. At Lizard Global, we naturally like to plan and accomplish our objectives. We are committed to putting innovation to work and developing innovative solutions.

With our extensive knowledge and experience in app development, we are sure that we can give our clients the greatest application experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving your objectives.

Frequently asked questions



What makes a good app?

An app is successful if it completely meets the needs of the end user and does it swiftly and efficiently. Even if software only has one function, it performs it incredibly well.


What are the key features of a successful app for any business?

You can look at some must-have features using this helpful list.

  • Does the app feature solve a problem?
  • Does the app have an excellent user experience (UX)?
  • Does the app support social media integration?
  • Does the app deliver real value?
  • Does your app give conversion?
  • Does the app allow feedback from users?
  • Are you tracking the data in the in-app analytics?
  • Does the app have an ongoing engagement plan?
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