Transport Taxi Mobile Application
The client
Transvision provides transportation solutions. One of their core services is to provide door-to-door transportation services that allow users to use Transvision for organizing and executing a trip that requires multiple means, such as taxi and public transport (bus/metro/taxi). With this core service, they specialize in helping the less-abled meet their mobility needs.
The challenge
With the current COVID-19 vaccination program being rolled out in the Netherlands, people are being required to be present at their vaccination appointments on time. However, this can form a challenge for people who are unable to travel on their own, such as older populations, less-abled people, or those simply not in possession of a car. For these people, the team of Transvision wanted to create a mobility solution that allows users to easily book and prepay for a taxi to and from a vaccination location.
Our solution
Together with Lizard Global, Transvision created - a prepaid taxi booking site specifically meant to help those who need transportation to and from their vaccination location. With their vaccination appointment in hand, users can easily book a taxi to get to and from COVID-19 vaccination.

Our Involvement

Digital Conceptualization
UI/UX Design
Custom Software Development
OV Taxi allows users to quickly and safely book taxi trips to their COVID-19 vaccination appointment online.

On Demand Transport Booking

Users can easily schedule and book a ride for their COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

Secure In-App iDeal Payment

With only a few clicks, users can safely pay for their drive with iDeal while instantly receiving their online proof of payment.

Real-Time Driver Arrival Estimations

OV Taxi provides real-time insight into the arrival time of your driver, which is continuously updated based on your driver’s current location.

Down the line

With the OV Taxi platform, you don’t have to worry about getting to your COVID-19 vaccination appointment anymore. With a few clicks, you have a safe ride booked to your designated location.
OV Taxi on any device
OV Taxi is developed as a so-called progressive web app, which means that the app is available on any device with a network connection. The app has a responsive design which makes sure that, no matter what device you’re on, the interface reshapes itself to the best form for that device’s screen size. So, if you quickly need to order a trip on your phone, you can easily access OV Taxi’s services.
Together with our partners of Transvision, Lizard Global developed OV Taxi. The OV Taxi app makes sure that anyone can reach their COVID-19 vaccination appointment at any time, at any location. This way, we can help turn the world around us back to normal with the power of technology and digitalization.
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