Transport Automotive Mobile Application
The client
Van Eijck is an international car rescue company. Van Eijck is specialized in car and truck transport and storage, assistance and replacement transport. They have 4 depots across the South of the Netherlands, which also covers their support area in the Netherlands. Furthermore, during the summer months, Van Eijck provides consumer service by offering replacement transports when travellers are stranded during their holiday road trips.
The challenge
Van Eijck has experienced years and years of low-quality development companies that tried to digitize their very complex processes and infrastructure. In collaboration with Delta-N, another Dutch IT company, the goal was to digitize Van Eijck’s process in order to gain more efficiency and gain more legal coverage required by the Dutch insurance system.
Our solution
Lizard Global developed the VRS (Vehicle Recovery System) app, which helps emergency centers efficiently push new tasks to internal and external employees. They then gather data from the motorist on location, which the office staff can use to follow up on each incident.

Our Involvement

Digital Conceptualization
Technical Business Consultancy
UI/UX Design
Custom Software Development
The Van Eijck Vehicle Recovery System application allows emergency centers to efficiently assign tasks to employees and gather information from the motorist on location.

Real time Accident Tracker

The in-app accident tracker provides insights into the location and specifications of the vehicle in need of service.

Backend Service Control

The backend service control provides an optimized customer service with a technical support system.

Digital Workflow Management

The application provides a dashboard for workflow management in order to streamline task assignments and service processes.

Down the line

Van Eijck’s Vehicle Recovery System provides a digital environment for optimizing internal workflows and customer services.
Vehicle specifications
Users of the VRS application can specify their vehicle type and provide details of the damages on their vehicle by uploading pictures and adding information.
Van Eijck’s Vehicle Recovery System is specifically made to optimize workflows and provide the best possible customer experience. By choosing the right functionalities and features for the needs of the VRS end-users, Lizard Global provided van Eijck with a digital solution that’s perfectly aligned with Van Eijck’s brand identity and the needs of the customers.
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