Customer Acquisition: 5 Tips & Tricks to cultivate the right audience

30 Apr, 2020
Lotte, Digital Content Specialist

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As an entrepreneur, you want to know exactly how to generate a bigger audience in order to validate and grow your business. However, attracting the right visitors to your website - and getting them to stay, can be a challenging task. Who are you targeting exactly? What channels do you use? And should you invest in advertising campaigns? The answer to all of these questions and more are discussed in this blog, with 5 handy tips and tricks to help you successfully generate a relevant audience.

Make your landing page an eye-catcher

The landing page of your website is most likely the first impression your audience gets of your business, so it should always be on fleek. Your website is your digital calling card, and the landing page is the place where your audience decides if they want to know more about your business, or if they will quickly move on to another site - perhaps your competitor. Take your time to look around and gather inspiration from other websites of successful businesses in your industry. What features do they prominently display and implement on their website, and how does their design contribute to a pleasant user experience? Knowing what works for others is good insight into what your target audience likes; then it’s up to you to utilize the unique identity of your business in creating a design that’s all your own.   If you are not much of a web designer yourself, consider seeking the support of a digital partner, that can help you with the business research, design, and development of your website.

Try and test different channels

Social media marketing is hot and happening, and successful businesses often use at least one or two social media platforms to grow and connect with their customer base. Choosing the right social media channel for your business can be a tricky task, as every platform, from Instagram to LinkedIn, has their own characteristics and functionalities.   LinkedIn is what they call a “Business to Business” (or B2B) platform, which means that the platform is mostly used for businesses from the same industry to interact with each other. Content on these B2B platforms mostly consists of testimonials, industry reports, and references to partnerships, with a more formal undertone. The platform is often used by businesses to showcase their successes and professionality in the industry to potential new customers.   On the other side of the spectrum is Instagram, where content and interaction has a very informal tone. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube are defined as so-called “Business to Talent” (B2T) channels, which focus on showcasing a more personal and casual character of a business, aimed for talent acquisition. Then there’s the so-called “Business to Customer” (B2C) channel, like Facebook and Twitter. These channels are specialized in direct customer interaction. A lot of businesses use Twitter as their customer support platform, on which customers can directly ask questions. Usually, this works more efficiently and quickly than having to fill in an extensive contact form on a website.   Important to keep in mind is that all social media platforms possess an intertwinement of functions, and aren’t necessarily bound to one specific strategy or audience. To find out what channels fit your business best, the best solution is to simply try them all and see what effect they have on your customer acquisition.

Measure, adapt, overcome

Probably the best way to make sure your customer acquisition is improving is by closely analyzing your web traffic, and the behavior of your target audience on your website by way of analytics. A good method to test the effectiveness of certain strategies or implementations is by making use of A/B testing. This involves trying out two different approaches and analyzing which one is more effective when it comes to audience generation. This can be, for example, two different designs for your landing page, or two pages with content written in different formalities or with different keywords. This leads you towards certain strategies or focus points that fit your target audience, and thereby greatly improves your customer acquisition and retention.

To Ad or not to Ad

Companies with the available budget often invest in advertising campaigns. This can be on social media channels, but also on external websites. Advertising your business can be expensive, so it might be a good idea to look into the pros and cons of online advertising. A popular platform for online advertising is Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), on which users can pay for short advertisements, offerings, product listings, and other relevant content within the Google ad network. Google shows your advertisement in their applications, extensions, and their search engine. The service works with a “pay per click” system, which means that you only pay when you actually generate clicks with your advertisements.   Although online advertising campaigns can greatly contribute to your customer acquisition, there are many other ways to sell your services on the internet without paying for it. You probably have to put a little more effort into it, but a well-structured, high-end social media campaign can greatly stimulate your business, without you having to dish out pockets full of cash.

Target your audience offline

There are many more opportunities to gain an audience for your services and grow your business outside online strategies. Think about networking events, business seminars, and other offline places where other entrepreneurs from your industry come together. You can even host an event like that yourself to tell people all about your business and products.   When you have a freshly established business and you’re new at the market, it’s a great opportunity to introduce your company and your product to the public. Bring a stack of business cards and give them to everyone you talk to. When your business is already prosperous and blooming, seminars are a great way to share your experiences as a successful entrepreneur with others, and show the strengths and achievements of your business.

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