Clutch Hails Lizard Global as one of the Game-Changing Education App Developers on their Platform

17 May, 2024
Contributor - Clutch & Nadiy, Content Writer

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There are thousands of ways you can utilize an app in today’s digital world. A lot of companies from different industries are finding more and more creative ways to utilize these new technologies to help improve their services and products! In almost all industries, you’d be able to find an app associated with it. Such is the case with the education industry. Before we dive into our contribution in education app development let’s give you a brief introduction of who Lizard Global is and what we do.

What is Lizard Global?

The number 1 best software development company specializing in mobile app and web app development with over 55 motivated team members in the Netherlands and Malaysia. We are your go-to full-stack digital partner. We take on the status quo by working with you to turn any concept or idea into a feasible digital experience.

Custom software creation is our primary business. We also offer technical business research, design thinking workshops, mobile and web - app development, UI/UX design, growth analytics, CRM integration, and more!

Here are some of our works:

Learn more about the app development space with the help of our team at Lizard Global

How Does Lizard Global work?

In our organization, team members collaborate to attain optimal results when working on a given task, rather than focusing only on executing their respective roles. From start to end it is a continuous collaborative effort.

The main players in Lizard Global’s mobile app or web app development with the Agile approach of working are:

Product Owners or PO are the middleman between the client and the company who turns ideas into concrete concepts, while supporting the whole team through the actualization of said concept into a functional app. Product Owners at Lizard Global adopt the Lean Startup mindset and practice Agile methodologies; as such they are constantly preparing for possible changes to ensure a smooth sailing progression, communicating them to both the client and the Lizard Global team from start to finish.

Software Developers are the wizards behind the functionality of your app. Their responsibility is on the technical development of your app, this includes the estimated duration for the app or certain features to be developed, creating solutions based off of your concept. The developers at Lizard Global have daily standups to regroup and discuss what they have on their plates while honing in on their focus for the day. Since they’re heavily involved in the sprints, these discussions also work as a general sprint discussion.

UI/UX Designers while always grouped together, hold very different responsibilities.

UX designers are the brains behind understanding and building a product design that is human-centered (Design Thinking). Their focus is on the full experience of a user from start to finish - the user journey as we say.

UI designers on the other hand design the aesthetics experienced by the users. It is what you see, click, interact with. Their role is solely for digital products that focus on anything and everything that is seen and used by the users.

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What Is Clutch?

Clutch, in case you didn’t know, is a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. They evaluate technology service and solutions companies based on the quality of work, thought leadership, and client reviews. A rapidly expanding startup, Clutch has become the go-to resource in the agency space.

With that being said, our team has been recently acknowledged by Clutch as one of the game-changing Education App Developers on their platform! We are thrilled to be part of this prestigious list and to be recognized for our contributions to the market.

We would like to commemorate this amazing milestone by sharing with all of you some of the best reviews we’ve received from our clients!

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Here are some of the best reviews from our Clutch profile:

Malaysia’s employment gap caused by the mismatched skills and qualifications between employers and applicants is something Adam has been passionate about solving. The idea for an app that helps solve this issue was born when he had the great thought of creating an app where fresh graduates are able to equip themselves with the skills required by employers. Adam partnered with Lizard Global to build this E-learning platform - SHFT!, that incorporates dynamic study materials and real world skills.

Adam Azman, Founder of SHFT! “They were outstanding. The workshops were very organized and helped me scope the right direction for the business. The communication between the team members and the overall planning and organization of the workshops were great.”

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With the need to properly record, evidence, and report skills students are honing, whilst servicing development of learner profile attributes and approaches to learning skills (ATLs), Sally reached out to Lizard Global to build a platform that is able to do this. With the development of this app, students and teachers are both now able to easily track their progress.

Dr. Sally Hirsch, CEO of Tracker Apps “The strength of Lizard has been their ability to quickly grasp the complex challenges that we were trying to solve, including the array of technical terms and jargon.”

Check out our work with Tracker Apps here

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ELFI joined forces with Lizard Global when they encountered a challenge in the inability of their services to be accessed instantly. Being specialized in high-quality long-term developing and renting of comfortable homes, ELFI needed a solution for this problem to enable instant service for their customers. Lizard Global created their platform IGGI that digitized the onboarding of new residents and the living services.

John Snoek, Chief Development Officer at ELFI ‘”We're impressed with their flexibility, speed, and ability to deliver under tight deadlines. They are a very professional group of people and I can see that they are genuinely eager to be involved in helping us.”

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Frequently asked questions



What services does Lizard Global offer as a full-stack digital partner?

Lizard Global is a full-stack digital partner specializing in custom software creation. Our services goes beyond mobile app and web development to include technical business research, workshops, UI/UX design, growth analytics, digital marketing strategy, CRM integration, and more.


Who is Clutch, and why is their recognition significant?

Clutch is a platform dedicated to helping businesses connect with service providers. Being recognized by Clutch is significant as it reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional services. It serves as an acknowledgment of our capabilities and positions us as a trustworthy partner for businesses seeking digital solutions.


How can businesses benefit from collaborating with Lizard Global in web development?

Collaborating with Lizard Global means collaborating with a partner that excels in delivering top-tier custom software solutions. We’re committed to providing the best practices, security, and user experience that ensures businesses exceed their digital goals. We believe in transforming ideas into digital realities, and our expertise in web development reflects this commitment.


How can I get in touch with Lizard Global for my project or idea?

We would love to hear from you! Whether you have a new project in mind or need assistance with an existing one, feel free to contact us today. Our dedicated team is ready to discuss your ambitions and explore how we can bring your ideas to life.

You can give us a call/WhatApp at +60183565702, or drop us an email at

Contact us today to embark on a journey of innovation and digital success with Lizard Global!


What industries have Lizard Global worked with, and how adaptable is the company?

Lizard Global takes pride in its diverse portfolio, catering to industries ranging from healthcare and finance to e-commerce and logistics. Our adaptability and expertise shine through in our ability to understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each industry, providing customized solutions for our clients.

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