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The client
Tracker Apps consists of a team of educational experts with a passion for supporting student agencies through self-awareness. They follow this passion by providing feedback to students and teachers to develop their skills and the implementation of the curriculum of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes.
The challenge
The IB Diploma Programme (DP) requires schools to properly record, track, and report the skills students are acquiring. This raises a need for one centralized place or platform on which students can manage their schoolwork and track their skills and where teachers can get insights into the learning experience of their students.
Our solution
Together with Tracker Apps, Lizard Global developed two applications: Skill Tracker and Service Tracker. These two platforms encourage students to individually track ATL (Approaches to Teaching and Learning) skill development and record their learning progress, activities, reflections, and experiences. Using these two applications, teachers can easily track the progress of their students and manage their curriculum to improve the overall learning experience.

Our Involvement

Digital Conceptualization
Agile Software Development
UI/UX Design
Skill Tracker and Service Tracker provide a digital space for students to track their ATL skill development and to record their learning experience and reflection through gamified features. Teachers can access the app through the teacher portal for insights into their students’ real-time progress.

ATL Skill Progress Tracker

The Skill Tracker application provides a digital environment in which students can track their learning progress through gamified features.

Skill-oriented Gamified Features

Gamified features within the applications stimulate students to complete objectives and improve their ATL skills.

Integrated Reflection Journal

Service Tracker allows students to journal their learning experiences. Based on student feedback, teachers can adapt and improve their curriculum.

Down the line

Skill Tracker and Service Tracker are designed and developed in such a way its gamified features motivate students to keep up-to-date with their learning process.

Interactive Visualizations

Skill Tracker
Skill Tracker is a platform that enables students and teachers to track student progress regarding their ATL skills. It ultimately shifts the burden of managing students ATL skill progress away from teachers and empowers students to log, track, and take ownership of their journey through skill development. Through elements of gamification, it solves the challenge of motivating students to track their development.
Skill Tracker and Tracker Apps are great examples of modern educational technologies. Not only do the applications stimulate students to improve their skills, it also forms a new stepping stone towards worldwide access to education.
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