Fintech Real Estate Mobile App
The client
Brickler is a startup from the mortgages department of Nationale Nederlanden, which adopts the role of the housing market by facilitating the process of finding homes by region, comparing and taking out online mortgages.
The challenge
The Nationale Nederlanden (NN) wanted to create a central platform where users could search their house step by step, while also arranging a mortgage. To improve user experience, NN needed a partner that thinks along the process.
Our solution
Together with NN, Lizard Global developed a platform that allows users to request a mortgage via a mobile app. Brickler became a digital solution to house seekers, one that is very cost-effective.

Our Involvement

Technical business consultancy
Software development
MVP delivery
Mobile app
Cutting edge
Brickler is taking the first step toward reshaping the housing market with a cost-effective way to search for property and request mortgages.

Process Integration

Automating processes like document processing and property valuation. It enhances the simplicity, accuracy, and effectiveness of real estate apps. Overall, by shortening the search process, it assists the user in making educated choices.

No Realtor Involvement

You can save money and shop on your own schedule by purchasing a home without the assistance of a real estate agent. However, you should give this choice great consideration.

Decreased Overhead Costs

It is possible to increase profit margins and business margins by lowering overhead costs. You can cut costs and boost your bottom line by analyzing your present spending, negotiating with suppliers, outsourcing non-core operations, and more.

Down the line

The Brickler app brings all the steps that the buyer of a house has to take together in one application, no longer requiring individual intermediary parties. This makes the app a cost-effective solution for property seekers and buyers.
Lizard Global developed a platform that allows users to sell their houses and request a mortgage via a cutting-edge mobile app. Brickler became a cost-effective digital solution to help house seekers.
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