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The client
Bricklinq is in the real estate business aiming to become the ultimate solution for managing real estate properties by providing digital services for tracking key property information and connecting service suppliers - while providing it’s users with opportunities to save money on their various housing-related expenses. Bricklinq currently focuses on the occupant of a residence and is planning to expand its services to Landlords, Housing Managers, and Contractors.
The challenge
As an occupant of a home or business, most people don’t have a single place where they can quickly store, lookup, and reference attributes about their house. Often, manuals or warranty paperwork that came with your refrigerator gets lost or misplaced. Financial details around your rent, mortgage, utilities and other monthly costs are not centralized. Therefore, it’s hard to know where your money goes. All of this can cost you, as occupant, money. This is where Bricklinq comes in.
Our solution
Together with Bricklinq, Lizard Global created the Bricklinq platform: a digital environment to help property occupants manage their properties. By providing a single place to store and maintain important documents and information, the application helps its users find potential savings and allows occupants to access and manage their property information in an online centralized environment. Looking into the future, Bricklinq will expand to help Property Managers, Housing Corporations, and individual landlords manage their properties and property portfolios.

Our Involvement

Digital Conceptualization
Custom Software Development
UI/UX Consultancy & Design
Technical Business Consultancy
Bricklinq is a platform that supports property owners and tenants to manage their properties in a user-friendly digital environment.

Real Estate Management Tools

The Bricklinq VVE Tool provides a user-friendly digital platform for managing properties.

Issue Reporting

The application tracks property metrics and automates the process of issue reporting.

Real-time Data Visualisation

Real-time data visualizations allow users to have a constant and concrete insight into relevant data of their property.

Down the line

The Bricklinq platform aims to provide a clear and comprehensive digital environment for property owners and tenants to upload, customize, and manage their real estate. Real-time data visualizations and issue reporting offer constant insight into the current status of their properties, and integrated features property inventorying make sure that all information for the property is up-to-date.
Bricklinq Mobile
The mobile application of Bricklinq offers the same functionalities as its desktop version, but with the additional ease of access in the form of a mobile application. This way, users of Bricklinq can always access their information, whenever they want, and wherever they are.
Digital real estate management has never been so easy. The Bricklinq platform for property owners and tenants provides a fully functional and user-friendly environment that improves the user experience of managing and browsing through real estate.
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