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The client
Reach Software is a company that automates service- and sales processes in order to help companies make their customers happy. Reach Software offers three modules that can be used separately but are at their best when used together. This creates a synergy. The three modules give users the possibility to create comparison sites, automate product order management and track the performance of resellers.
The challenge
Marc Nuijten, the founder of Reach, found that current order management systems are not offering the right user experience and are hard to customize. Many companies and resellers overlook the impact of effective order management systems. Users of order management systems need a platform that offers more than just static data. An easy to use, flexible and real-time software is the solution.
Our solution
Together with Jeremy Raes (CEO of Lizard Global) and Jan Joost, Marc found a solution to the problem and sought for the support that would strengthen his ideas and plans. Together with the passionate and skilled full stack team of Lizard Global, they started working on ROMS (Reach Order Management Software). A custom software solution that provides resellers, providers and consumers order management in an accurate, honest and efficient way.

Our Involvement

Web Development
Data Intelligence
ROMS provides its end-users with a platform on which business processes like, for example, product management and the visualisation of KPIs, are automated and simplified. Not only does this save time among all users of the platform, it also greatly reduces the risk of human error.

Customizable parameters for flexible products

The output of the calculations is influenced by many variables. All personalized data goes through tailor-made and pre-set parameters that make sure that the needs of providers and end-users are fulfilled.

Real-time insights for all users

Resellers can view the performance of all their affiliates and agents within the platform. Every reseller has their own dashboard in which they can find and compare data in a specific given period of time.

Simplified and automated business processes

The automation of repetitive business processes provides ROMS’ end-users with a pleasant user experience and more time to focus on important matters.

Down the line

The digital transformation of businesses is growing rapidly, and automation of internal business processes forms a core process of this change. ROMS provides a cutting-edge platform focused on automated processes and the reduction of human error.
Parameters for the win
Creating a user experience when there is a lot at stake is done by focusing on user interaction and feedback. This ensures that users use the platform correctly. Proteus’s users needed a platform that provides a seamless, concise and transparent step-by-step customer journey. So we provided it.
Together with Lizard Global, Reach strives to innovate and grow continuously by providing software that satisfies all users involved. This in return adds value to the sustainable growth of providers, resellers and end-users.
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