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The client
Ferdi Jansen has been a long-term partner and friend of Lizard Global, and because of our long collaborative history, the project of Flexpackerz forms a unique case of growth and progression. Ferdi’s innovative solutions for flex workers, combined with our team of skilled designers and developers appears to be the perfect recipe for the realisation of a cutting-edge and scalable platform for flex workers.
The challenge
Flexible working has never been so popular, and the amount of flex workers is only growing bigger. We’re not stuck to a desk anymore, and especially with the growing popularity of online services, we can do our work from wherever we want. As a result, we tend to isolate ourselves, as social interaction is confined to quick phone calls and Skype meetings. We grow further and further away from our colleagues, and that might have a negative influence on our social capabilities.
Our solution
Together with Ferdi, Lizard Global created Flexpackerz, a mobile application for Android and iOs, made for flex workers who want to combine the freedom of flex working with the power of co-working. Flexpackerz encourages its users to escape their lonely bubble by providing a single platform with the locations of flex work areas close to you. With Flexpackerz you are always up-to-date with all available flex work locations, and who is checked in where.

Our Involvement

Business Research
User Research
UI/UX Design
App Development
The design and development of Flexpackerz is based on the optimal experience of finding flex working locations near you.

Location tracking

Flex workers can discover and check in at flex work locations in their proximity on an integrated map, or find specific locations in your city using the search function.

Connect with other users

Real-time tracking technologies show which other flex workers are working at that location, and who’s in for a cup of coffee or a coworking session.

Find location-based offers and discounts

Registered flex work locations frequently have interesting offers and promotions, so you can get your cup of coffee with a sweet discount.

Down the line

All functionalities and features within the FlexPackerz app are continuously updated and improved to provide an optimal user experience at all times.
Leaving a footprint, not carbon
Not only does Flexpackerz provide a platform for flex workers who are looking for a place to work and connect with others, it’s also a great solution for the ever-growing issue of traffic jams, congestion, and CO2 emissions. Instead of your daily rides back and forth to the office, you take a stroll to a flex work spot near you.
Integration of social features
One of the core elements of Flexpackerz is the integration of social features. Because flex working often lacks the social aspect of working in an office, Flexpackerz aims to bring solo flex workers together. You can see where and when your existing contacts are checked in, and plan a meet-up with other users using the chat function.
With Flexpackerz, you turn the entire world into your office, and connect with other flex workers at the same time. The platform provides you with available flex work spaces near you, and shows you who else is around.
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