Maritime Tourism Mobile Application
The client
River Cruise App is the first mobile application with the power to instantly add value to your cruises down Europe’s most iconic rivers. By means of narration, music, special sound effects, and geofencing, you will learn all about the many points of interest along your cruise route. The audio guides, which are also available offline, are connected to an extensive and growing list of rivers in Europe, providing the user with background information and music fitting that specific route and individual points of interest. While you sit back and relax, River Cruise App enhances your cruise experience.
The challenge
Tired of losing track of your maps, flyers, history books, articles, , and other information you collected about your trip and route? River Cruise App’s in-app information is based on GPS-points, following Europe’s most popular and scenic rivers. And all information is available offline as well, so you don’t have to worry about your roaming costs. From history and culture to personal tips and fun facts, River Cruise App has it all. And although the application is focused on boat trips, it can also come in handy on land, following a river or doing a city tour by bike, train, or car. Everything you need to know, all neatly organized in one app.
Our solution
Lizard Global re-designed the existing River Cruise App by implementing and improving features such as authentication, geofencing, location-based audioguides, in-app purchases, and , offline functionality. There’s no chance you’ll get bored during your next trip on the most beautiful waterways of Europe.

Our Involvement

Business research
UI/UX design and re-design
Agile software development
River Cruise App is an audio tour guide in your pocket. Enrich your boat trips with offline available soundscapes and background information fitted to locations along rivers throughout Europe.

Real-time location & route tracking

River Cruise Apps provides its users with real-time location and route tracking, so all guides and information are aligned with your current location.

Extensive information on specific routes and locations

The library of River Cruise Apps’ text- and audio guides are extensive and continuously updated with new locations and content.

Integrated audio guide with spoken information and fitted soundscapes

River Cruise Apps has an integrated audio guide, so you can enjoy your surroundings while being immersed into a fitting sound experience.

Offline access to all guides and soundscapes

Because River Cruise App should be available at any location, we implemented an offline functionality, which installs the information on your phone and makes it accessible at any moment or location.

Down the line

River Cruise Apps provides its users with a fully immersed experience of your journey on the waterways of Europe, with fitting soundscapes and audio guides, all available offline.
Search, plan, and experience
River Cruise App allows you to search for waterways in Europe and see what content is available for that specific route. Most routes have multiple guides tailored to the locations you pass during your trip. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy all the features the app has to offer.
With River Cruise App you’ll be able to enrich your boat trips throughout Europe and get familiar with the locations you visit. Soundscapes and audio guides are tailored to the specific available routes. Get inspired while visiting the most beautiful hotspots of Europe’s waterways.
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