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The client
The BIG Will Group of companies has several subsidiaries, which are operating internationally in South America, Europe and the USA. All subsidiaries are independent operating entities. The Group provides strategic guidance, financial and administrative IT services, and acts as legal and human resource counsel.
The challenge
In many countries, cash is still the most preferred payment method. This creates a high dependency on how you carry cash (bills & coins) which could complicate payments and can lead to unsafe situations. This is partly because some countries’ financial infrastructure is not yet ready for a transformation towards digital payments. This challenge required a digital solution that facilitates payments for small/medium-sized services and products and aids people in the adoption of a digital customer-centric payment system.
Our solution
Together with GWAP, Lizard Global developed a mobile application that allows various types of users, such as merchants and consumers, to perform online transactions (of SRDs).

Our Involvement

Digital Conceptualization
Technical Business Consultancy
UI/UX Consultancy & Design
Software Development
GWAP is created to simplify the process of online payments in countries where there is limited digital payment infrastructure where a large part of the population is still primarily paying for goods and services with cash. The mobile application allows people to have insights into their transactions and perform secure online money transfers.

Digital Payment Platform

GWAP provides an online environment in which consumers, business merchants and resellers can easily perform online transactions.

Online Transfers of SRDs

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) maintains additional foreign exchange reserve assets. These aren’t currencies but can be traded in the form of SRDs.

Transaction Overview

The GWAP interface allows users to have real-time insights into their transaction history.

Down the line

The GWAP application includes so-called “Special Benefits Users”, who are in severe financial need due to circumstances out of their control. The government provides special financial assistance to this group of users.
In order to provide the best possible user experience, the UI/UX design of GWAP is based on thorough user persona research. Following the principles of design thinking in order to create a deeper understanding of the typical GWAP user, the interface is designed to achieve optimal modes of navigation through the app.
GWAP is a FinTech solution in the form of a mobile application, allowing users to easily and securely transfer money or SRDs while having continuous insights into their transactions.
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