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The client
RiA is a corporate risk solution platform devised by Human Capital Services (HCS). HCS provides support for employers and employees in cases of disabilities that restrict employees in performing their job. RiA is a tool to analyse the possible risk in a company with disabled employees. The tool is used by analysts to efficiently identify and reduce risk for the employer and give guidance to the employee by means of a periodical risk analysis
The challenge
In The Netherlands, we have a complex Social Security system, full with financial obligations and complex legal procedures, which often cause difficulties for both the employer and employee in cases of illness or disability. However, there are many ways for employers to prevent unnecessary expenses, to minimize and control absence, and minimize the effects of an employee’s disability on the job.
Our solution
Together with Lizard Global, Human Capital Scan developed a solution for facilitating the handling of employees who are unable to perform their job because of illness or disability. The RiA platform provides an oversight of companies, their details, and running questionnaires and risk analyses for employers, employees, administrators, back-office managers, and analysts.

Our Involvement

Business Research
Software Development
Prototype Testing
UI/UX Research & Design
RiA provides users with a platform for risk prevention related to employees that are unable to work caused by illness or a disability. The platform provides a simplified process of creating and sharing questionnaires and doing periodical risk analyses for employees, employers, administrators, back-office managers, and analysts.

Real-time risk analytics overview

The RiA platform provides real-time insights in risk analytics and filled in questionnaires. This way you are always up-to-date with all statistics of your employees.

Privacy by design/default

Because the personal data of you, your company, and your employees is something you want to keep for yourself, RiA’s design is built on guaranteed privacy and security of all information.

Simplified risk questionnaire creation/publishing

RiA provides an easy-to-use feature of creating and publishing questionnaires for your employees, all to facilitate an efficient procedure of risk analytics.

Efficient user-tailored process

As measuring and dealing with the risk level of your employees is a complicated procedure, RiA is designed to simplify this process as much as possible, with a sharp eye on user-centred efficiency.

Down the line

RiA’s interface is built in such a way that it provides an optimized user interface, and greatly reduces the risk for companies who struggle with the handling of ill and disabled employees.
The efficient user-tailored processes of RiA’s risk analyses result in a simplified and much quicker procedure. Whereas general risk analyses can take up to 6 hours, with RiA this can be reduced to a mere 1 1/2 hours. A quick and efficient process of analysis does not only save time, effort, and money. It also encourages a quicker and successful reintegration of employees.
The Questionnaire Builder feature on RiA platform allows its administrators to easily create and manage multiple choice questionnaires for their employees, which, after being filled in, create an overview of risk analytics. Within this overview, there are multiple risk categories. After a questionnaire is completed and sent back to the administrator, a score is assigned to all categories.

Together with Human Capital Scan, Lizard Global developed the RiA platform to simplify the processes that come along with the often unforeseen incapacitation of employees. Not only do situations like these raise a lot of unclarities regarding related rules and laws, it can also cause tensions between the employer and employee in the long term.

The unique complexity of risk analytics and the development of RiA has been a challenge, but this has made sure that this successful partnership between Lizard Global and Human Capital Scan so thriving

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