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The client
In 2020 PeopleHive Consulting Group and Lizard Global decided to join forces by combining the best of two worlds: HR & Technology into GrowTribe Solutions. GrowTribe Solutions provides digital HR solutions and workshops to drive competency development and performance on an individual, team and organizational level. GrowTribe Solutions doesn’t just hand over the technology for the clients to muddle through. There is a comprehensive onboarding process to ensure all content is aligned with the strategic growth direction of each organization.
The challenge
Many businesses are struggling with finding the right HR solution that’s perfectly tailored to the needs of their organization and employees. There’s a gap in the market as most HR solutions are complicated, not user-friendly, and far too abstract. Also from a strategic point of view, the content of these tools don’t take different corporate strategies into account resulting in misalignments throughout the organization. This challenge triggered GrowTribe Solutions to develop a product that’s easily integrated into existing business processes and quickly adopted by its users.
Our solution
GrowTribe Solutions conceptualized, designed and developed a web- and mobile platform that connects individual growth with general performance targets set by an organization. The solution consists of two modules: Growth Tracker and Performance Tracker. Both are integrated into one application to enable performance-based learning and growth.

Our Involvement

Digital Conceptualization
Technical Business Consultancy
UI/UX Consultancy & Design
Custom Software Development
The Growth Tracker and Performance Tracker of GrowTribe are developed for individual employees to achieve new professional growth milestones and stay aligned with organizational objectives. In-app tasks and professional HR advice provide an optimized user experience.

Individual Growth Tracker

GrowTribe creates frameworks to acquire critical foundational skills to grow in areas aligned with organizational objectives.

Multi-level Performance Management

The application provides a way for organizations to track the progress of individuals, teams, and organizational competency growth and performance.

Team Interaction

Users can interact with their team members to stimulate knowledge sharing and compare their progress statistics with others.

Down the line

GrowTribe’s application has a robust backlog of future features that will serve to continuously enhance and improve the entire GrowTribe platform, continuously adding value to our customers.

Desktop application

The GrowTribe’s tracker application is available as a mobile application and web application. The web application is a role-based platform where objectives and KPIs can be set, assigned and tracked.
A partnership for life
In 2020 PeopleHive Consulting Group and Lizard Global decided to join forces by combining the best of two different worlds: HR & Technology. With a combined 45+ years of experience in the relevant fields, both companies were able to establish a digital solution focusing on connecting human motivation and development to business growth. GrowTribe found the secret formula to connect personal professional development to organizational performance and growth and was able to translate this to technology.
Together with the HR experts of PeopleHive, Lizard Global formed GrowTribe Solutions: a company focused on connecting professional success with structural growth and offering services that empower employees to contribute to economic growth and organizational objectives. With GrowTribe’s Growth Tracker and Performance Tracker, employees and organizations as a whole can work towards a perfect alignment of objectives, while working on the skills needed to achieve these goals.
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