The client
The uniquely skilled and dedicated team of land-based and maritime experts at Skoon possesses an extraordinary passion for sustainability and effortless energy transitions. They are convinced of the immense impact of renewable energy, and its abilities to reduce CO2 emissions within both shore and off-shore markets. With their Skoonbox, Skoon provides a reliable mobile and decentralized energy source. Next to possession of their own battery container, they also consult external companies in finding solutions for mobile energy storage, for on- and offshore purposes. At Skoon, they believe in the power that renewable energy is the solution for reducing CO2 emissions in both maritime and land-based markets.
The challenge
Fluctuations have a constant impact on energy supply and demand within the maritime industry, and energy storage fulfils an important role within these processes. With the development and delivery of their Skoonbox, Skoon found a sustainable solution for the decentralization of energy supplies. Although their viable energy container is mainly focused on the maritime industry, it also provides a unique solution for the energy supply for on-shore situations, like events, venues, and construction sites, but also disaster areas in need of a power source. In order to create insight in all battery and energy usage and logistics, Lizard Global partnered up with Skoon to create the Skoon Cloud platform.
Our solution
The Skoon Cloud is a cutting-edge piece of software, which forms an efficient solution for the automation of logistics, as well as real-time battery monitoring and data tracking. Together with Lizard Global, Skoon created an online user-friendly and secured desktop and mobile platform, in which all data can be processed, analyzed, and stored safely. The Skoon Cloud platform provides clean data visualisations and space for flawless communication between owners and users of energy storage. All to provide large-scale deployment of mobile and clean energy on demand.

Our Involvement

Software Development
Data Intelligence
Business Research
UI/UX Design

Financial & Asset Management

Skoon provides its clients with honest and viable facilitation of the exchange between container owners and renters.

Cloud Computing

Skoon provides its clients with honest and viable facilitation of the exchange between container owners and renters.

Real-time Data Visualisation

With Skoon Cloud’s data visualisations, users have real-time insight into the status of their battery at any time.

Down the line

With the help of our skilled team at Lizard Global, Skoon developed a user-friendly desktop and mobile platform for the management of their Skoonbox, a sustainable and environment-friendly container battery. Our focus lays on the idea of efficiency and sustainability, which is exactly what the Skoon Cloud application strives to achieve.
Mobile Our involvement
Our user-centred approach to the mobile design of the Skoon Cloud application allows users to immediately make use of the application’s features, without having to spend too much time getting familiar with the functionalities. After registering and logging into your account, users can immediately start searching for available batteries, or list a battery of their own.
Sustainability and Efficiency

With their Skoonbox and Skoon Cloud platform, Skoon does not only aim for the limitation of CO2 emissions. They also managed to create a quick, crystal clear, and smooth system of logistics and communication between battery containers owners and renters. Their knowledge of both land-based markets and maritime contribute to a solution for environment-friendly and efficient energy supply on demand, which is indispensable in a time where the environment can use a little help.


Our collaboration with Skoon is a perfect example of a successful partnership between two parties who are passionate about technology and sustainable solutions. Together with Skoon, we strive for a long-lasting solution of their Skoon Cloud desktop and mobile platform. The delivery of the end-product doesn’t mean our collaboration is over. On the contrary, Lizard Global will continue to support Skoon in their future growth.