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The client
In 2018, Lizard Global partnered with Skoon, an innovative startup driven by a team of skilled land-based and maritime experts deeply committed to sustainability. Skoon's fervor for renewable energy and its potential to reduce CO2 emissions in both on- and off-shore markets laid the foundation for our collaboration. Our journey with Skoon began when they were just established and had received some seed funding, a humble start that fueled the collaborative spirit for the groundbreaking work that followed.
The challenge
At the onset, Skoon faced the challenge of addressing energy supply fluctuations in the maritime industry. Recognizing the crucial role of energy storage, they sought to decentralize energy supplies. Lizard Global stepped in to assist with the development and delivery of the Skoonbox, a sustainable solution for both maritime and land-based energy needs.
Our solution

Working hand-in-hand, Lizard Global and Skoon conceptualized and built the Skoon Cloud, an innovative software solution. This platform automated logistics, enabled real-time battery monitoring, and facilitated data tracking. Despite facing budget constraints, Lizard Global leveraged Skoon's limited resources to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This strategic approach not only showcased our commitment to efficiency but also proved instrumental in Skoon's journey.

The user-friendly desktop and mobile applications of the Skoon Cloud provided a secure space for processing, analyzing, and storing data. The Skoon Cloud emerged as a tool for clean data visualizations and seamless communication between energy storage owners and users, fostering large-scale deployment of mobile and clean energy.

Our Involvement

Software Development
Data Intelligence
Business Research
UI/UX Design

Financial & Asset Management

Skoon provides its clients with honest and viable facilitation of the exchange between container owners and renters.

Cloud Computing

Skoon provides its clients with honest and viable facilitation of the exchange between container owners and renters.

Real-time Data Visualisation

With Skoon Cloud’s data visualisations, users have real-time insight into the status of their battery at any time.

Down the line

Building on the momentum of this initial success, and based on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) we developed together, Skoon, through their dedication and hard work, successfully closed another funding round. This achievement propelled our ongoing partnership, leading to further expansion of their SaaS platform. Lizard Global continued supporting Skoon in various aspects. We assisted them in creating a user-friendly desktop and mobile platform for managing the Skoonbox. Our focus on efficiency and sustainability aligned perfectly with Skoon's mission, contributing to the long-term success of the Skoon Cloud application. Through successive phases, this progress not only reinforced the robustness of the Skoon Cloud but also played a pivotal role in securing yet another investment round for Skoon.
The Mobile Experience
In the mobile design process, Lizard Global prioritized a user-centric approach. The Skoon Cloud application, developed in 2019, allowed users to seamlessly access its features without a steep learning curve. After a quick registration and login, users could instantly search for available batteries or list their own, streamlining the mobile experience.
Sustainability and Efficiency
The collaboration between Skoon and Lizard Global not only aimed at reducing CO2 emissions but also revolutionized logistics and communication in the energy storage domain. The Skoonbox and Skoon Cloud platforms created a swift and transparent system, bridging the gap between battery container owners and renters. This efficient solution, rooted in Skoon's expertise in both land-based and maritime markets, paved the way for an environmentally friendly and on-demand energy supply.

Empowering Skoon's Growth: Lizard Global Nurtures Skoon Energy's Evolution, Facilitating €5M Silicon Valley Investment

Post our initial triumph in developing the Skoon Cloud application, Lizard Global seamlessly transitioned into supporting Skoon Energy's journey of establishing their in-house team. From the very first meeting, the plan was set, acknowledging the formidable task of building a software team independently. This strategic move laid the groundwork for Skoon's current success. Now equipped with a highly skilled team, Skoon has secured an impressive €5 million investment from Silicon Valley. Learn more about this in Silicon Canals’ article.
The successful partnership between Lizard Global and Skoon exemplifies a shared passion for technology and sustainable solutions. The delivery of the Skoon Cloud desktop and mobile platform marked a significant milestone, but our collaboration did not end there. Lizard Global remained committed to supporting Skoon in its subsequent phases of growth, from securing investment rounds to building its dedicated team.
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