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The client
SkyEcho is a startup that develops next generation high-definition urban rainfall and storm monitoring software, of much higher quality and detail than other weather applications currently available on the market.
The challenge
At this moment, other apps are not detailed and reliable enough to provide High Definition weather planning down to the street-level for the immediate future. This lack of precision causes problems for festival organisers, government emergency services and day-to-day (work) commuters. Being able to foresee weather-related risks has become of significant importance within our current society.
Our solution
The team of SkyEcho bundled its powers with Lizard Global to create SkyEcho app, a mobile platform that provides real-time high definition rain and storm forecasts, specified for the area of Rotterdam with a standard definition layer that works for all of the Netherlands.. Based on advanced radar technology, it provides short-term forecasts tailored to any business sector sensitive to local water disruptions.

Our Involvement

Digital Conceptualization
UI/UX Consultancy Design
Agile Software Development
Sky Echo App provides short-term forecasts tailored to any business sector that is sensitive to local weather disruptions and depends on precise weather predictions.

Precise Location Tracker

SkyEcho App’s location tracker works with advanced radar technology, which optimizes the precision of its rain forecasts.

Real-time Weather Predictions

Weather predictions are running on real-time data analytics, and offer users predictions up to 60 minutes in advance.

Multi-Definition Data Visualizations

The SkyEcho App is built to provide precise and high-quality predictions, which is why all Rotterdam visualisations are shown in high definition but there is also a standard definition layer available that covers all of The Netherlands.

Down the line

SkyEcho App provides its users with advanced tracking and radar technologies which give access to real-time weather predictions and data visualisations in high definition.
Precision forecasting
Users of SkyEcho App can search for a specific address for hyper-local weather predictions. The app allows users to filter with a maximum of three data layers, among which; rain, temperature, wind, clouds, pressure, and humidity. The SkyEcho Clock visualizes the precise 60 minute forecast, including the data layers chosen by the user.
Together with SkyEcho, we created an app that gives local authorities, festival organizers, insurance companies, and others better insight into the short-term, hyper-local weather forecast - specifically rainfall forecasts in order to allow them to better manage short term preventative actions around their plans.
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