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The client
The Venture Café Rotterdam Foundation is a part of the Global Venture Café Foundation. The organization was founded in 2010, in the Boston Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) and is an independent non-profit organization. Venture Café Rotterdam is the first European expansion. Other Venture Cafés are located in Boston, St. Louis, Miami, Winston-Salem, and many more locations all over the world.
The challenge
One of Venture Cafe’s main activities takes place during their weekly networking event on Thursdays. However, they were seeking ways to extend their reach and provide additional value to visitors of Venture Cafe -both online and in person. They asked Lizard Global to develop a talent portal with the goal to connect candidates with companies that are looking for new talent by sharing job offers and allow candidates to search for them in an interactive manner.
Our solution
Together with Venture Café, Lizard Global developed a web application through which companies can place vacancies for free, which can be found by talents looking for a job. The mobile and desktop application allows employers to efficiently upload job offers and lets job seekers search and select jobs that fit their desired criteria.

Our Involvement

Digital Conceptualization
Technical Consultancy
UI/UX Consultancy & Design
Software Development
The international Venture Cafe Talent Portal application allows companies to upload jobs and get in touch with candidates looking for a job that fits their preferences.

Upload Job Vacancies as a Company

Companies can easily upload their own vacancies, which will appear in the list of open jobs candidates can search through.

Search Jobs as Candidate

Candidates can sign up and easily scroll through the open job vacancies on a global or local scale, searching by their preferred filters.

International and Local Search

Because CIC’s Venture Café is an international foundation, the Talent Portal is available on an international skill. Job seekers can search locally, or global, depending on their preference.

Down the line

Different from job platforms like Monsterboard, Talent Portal functions as a marketing and community tool with the main goal to let people meet each other and stimulate innovation.


Venture Café’s Talent Portal is available both in a mobile and desktop format. The application is developed as a so-called hybrid or progressive web application, which means that our developers created one app that’s accessible via your web browser. So, no matter what device you’re on, you can access the Talent Portal whenever you want.
Venture Café’s mission is to broaden, connect and support the innovation community through offering a freely accessible network with programming to help anyone with an idea to succeed. By connecting innovators, the Venture Café Foundation creates impact and foster innovation and growth. The Talent Portal forms the perfect digital solution for bringing talent and talent-seekers together to stimulate innovation.
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