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The client
A severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at the young age of 16 changed Nicole’s life forever. With only a 30% chance of survival, it was difficult to keep hoping for a positive future. Nicole managed to turn the severity of the situation into a passionate motivator to prove that she could overcome her injuries. She believes that healing from brain injury is about much more than anatomy and physiology, and her initiative of “Holding On To Hope” has been brought to life to assist others in reaching their highest potential.
The challenge
People who suffer from brain damage have to deal with a number of challenges day in and day out. In order to maximise their functionality, it is crucial that they and the people around them are guided with the right tools and resources. Currently, there are several digital solutions that offer possibilities that contribute to the recovery of these people. These applications, however, do not offer the required ecosystem that supports the entire process from beginning to end in a guided way.
Our solution
Together with the passionate spirit of Nicole, Lizard Global created “Retiink”. The mobile application has been designed to support the rehabilitation process and effectively manage memory and organisational issues after a brain injury. By regularly using this application, users can improve their memory and time management skills, collaborate with their support team, and keep up to date with helpful tools and resources to improve their overall brain health and reach their highest potential.

Our Involvement

Digital Consultancy
Custom Software Development
UI/UX Design
Retiink is a revolutionary mobile application for users that are recovering from a traumatic brain injury, providing essential tools for supporting a sustainable recovery process.

Gamified Brain Training

The Retiink application stimulates sustainable brain injury recovery by providing engaging and brain training games. Users can choose their preferred assignment and track their progress over time.

Appointment & Task Management

Managing appointments and tasks often proves to be a challenge after experiencing a traumatic brain injury. Retiink guides users in creating and completing tasks in a supportive and safe environment.

In-App Knowledge Library

The Retiink application possesses an extensive library of interesting blogs and articles about brain injuries and the recovery process. Users can browse through the library and save their favorite articles.

Support Community

A supportive community can greatly improve the recovery process. That’s why Retiink provides a safe space for brain injury patients to come together and support each other in their process towards recovery.

Down the line

The Retiink mobile application is designed and developed to support users in their journey towards recovery after a brain injury by providing an interactive platform for gamified brain training, progress tracking, appointment and task management, support groups and much more.
Gamified recovery progress
The Retiink application is designed to turn the recovery process after a traumatic brain injury into an engaging and meaningful experience. Implementing gamified features into assignments and tasks stimulates users to continue their journey towards recovery. Users can earn points and level up when completing an in-app brain training, and they can track their progress over time.

Retiink Website

Next to a cutting-edge application, Lizard Global also helped Holding On To Hope with a brand new website. The website provides additional information about Nicole’s journey towards recovery and her own book about this experience. Additionally, the new website delves into her mission to help others to achieve the same victory, and the journey of creating the Retiink application.
Together with Lizard Global, Nicole managed to reshape the experience of recovering after a traumatic brain injury with the Retiink application. The application provides a safe and supportive space for brain injury patients, including a supportive community, engaging brain training games, and much more. Try it out yourself! You can find Retiink in the App Store and Play Store
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