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Tourism Mobile Application
The client
Founded in 2002, Selcouth has the mission to make booking easy and accessible for everyone. As the maker of Travereel, they aim to provide a seamless and user-friendly platform to connect people with the best accommodations.
The challenge
In the Philippines, video-selling through affiliate marketing is upcoming in the consumer market. However, at the moment, there are not a lot of options for social marketers to publish videos to sell travel-related services like hotel stays.
Our solution
Travereel and Lizard Global designed a mobile app that allows influencers and users to edit and publish videos and host live streams for consumers to explore and discover interesting travel-related services and book hotels right away.

Our Involvement

Custom Software Development
UI/UX Design
MVP Delivery
Expedia Integration
Mobile Application
Travereel helps travelers over the world by enabling sharing videos of travel experiences and rewarding publishers when hotel bookings are made through their video. All while still offering a comprehensive inventory of different booking types at a marketing rate.

Seamless Booking Experience

Scroll, search, filter, find and book the perfect hotel for your holiday or city trip.

Experience Video Sharing & Rewarding

Share your hotel experience with Travereel and get rewarded when other users book a stay via your video.

Voucher Discounts

Invite your friends with referral codes, register yourself, create a first booking… Numerous ways to get rewarded with a discount for your next booking!

Scroll, Record, and Follow away

Scroll through an endless amount of videos, record, edit and share your own videos and experiences, and follow other interesting people on the platform.

Down the line

With Travereel, users are able to create and publish videos, search for accounts, videos, and hotels, and perform hotel bookings for their trips.
Travereel and Lizard Global designed and developed a mobile social media app that helps travelers to share hotel experiences and reward them when hotel bookings are made through their videos.
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