Maritime Transport Web Application
The client
Proteus Risk Solutions is a maritime insurance broker, currently insuring more than 100 off-shore vessels against risks of war, theft, and damages caused by ice or other external factors.
The challenge
The client needs a technological solution for the precise tracking of off-shore vessels, their courses, and the location of high risk zones. Lloyd’s periodically publishes a list with coordinates of zones for which an additional premium should be paid. These zones are fluid and can change quickly. In the current situation, it is the responsibility of the shipowner (or master) to report when the vessel is a zone for which a premium is required.
Our solution
The War Additional Premium Application (WAPA) provides users with real-time tracking technologies, proactively tracking vessels, voyages, and HRA’s (High Risk Areas), in order to estimate the exposure to theft or damages. These used technologies process hundreds of variables in a dynamic environment. We provided the client with real-time tracking technologies by means of an AIS (Automatic Identification System).

Our Involvement

Software Development
Business Research
Data Intelligence
UI Design
WAPA provides its users with real-time tracking technologies for tracking vessels and voyages in High Risk Areas, in order to analyse their exposure to damage and theft. Users of the platform can manage and edit their policies, fleet, risk zones, map and list view, vessels, daily digest, and voyages within the War Additional Premium Application interface.

Risk reduction for vessels near high-risk area

Proteus’ platform provides its users with real-time location tracking of vessels, and a constant analysis of the risk level in and around that location.

Increase in data visibility and transparency

All location tracking and risk analytics are visualised in a transparent and easy-to-use interface.

Seamless User Interface built upon Iterative Research

WAPA’s interface is designed to provide its users with the best possible experience.

Down the line

The design and development of WAPA are built in such a way that it provides a coherent and comprehensive interface for all users to use. This prevents users having to spend too much time getting familiar with the platform and its functions.
Creating a user experience when there is a lot at stake is done by focusing on user interaction and feedback. This ensures that users use the platform correctly. Proteus’s users needed a platform that provides a seamless, concise and transparent step-by-step customer journey. So we provided it.
Automatic Identification System
Vanbreda's WAPA works with real-time tracking technologies with an integrated Automatic Identification System (AIS). The AIS tracks the vessel through satellites and provides information through an API. This information consists of a unique identity (IMO) number of the vessel, together with the position, course, and speed of that vessel.
We love visuals. But we value user feedback and business goals even more. Listening to Proteus and their users has made it clear what would give them the user experience that they need. We joined forces with Proteus and created WAPA: a web-based solution for optimizing processes in the maritime industry.
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