Meet the Lizards: Fatima Mohaqiq | Quality Assurance Tester

20 Oct, 2023
Fatima Mohaqiq, QA Tester & Asrul Ash

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Software bugs drive visitors away, and a website crash is very annoying. Customers' frustration with your defective technology will undoubtedly have an impact on your business. In the ever-fast-paced market, the more users uninstall your software, the less credible you seem.

Quality assurance (QA) testing is one technique to make sure apps and websites function properly. How does testing for quality assurance help in app development? As QA testing finds flaws and problems early in the software development life cycle, it helps save a significant amount of money and time during the software development process.

To learn more about Quality Assurance Testing, we spoke with one of Lizard Global's QA Testers, Fatima—coming all the way from Afghanistan—as part of our ongoing Meet the Lizards series. The greatest method to learn about QA testing is to delve into her team's duties, her typical workday at Lizard Global, the tools she uses to maintain her competitive edge, and her experience working as a QA tester in Malaysia. We also touched on some of her stories as an Afghanistan woman, and the inspiring story of how Lizard Global helped her find the future she seeks.

Okay, let's go!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Who are you and what is your function at Lizard Global?

“My name is Fatima and born in Bamyan Afghanistan, In 2013 I got a scholarship from the government of Afghanistan to do my Bachelor's Degree in Malaysia. It’s been a great journey, and I managed to learn the English language and finish my studies successfully. In 2019, I graduated from the International Islamic University Malaysia with a major in Software Engineering.

Following the success of my tertiary education, I became a QA tester at Lizard Global, securing a nice spot in the Kuala Lumpur headquarters. I’m responsible for software testing, analyzing, and creating test cases for projects to do end-to-end testing using The role requires continual cooperation with the Development Teams and the Design Teams. I am very much involved with all internal standups, sprint planning, and client meetings. Basically, my job requires me to always be aware and on top of all the development and progress of all projects.”

When and how did you first come in touch with Lizard Global?

“In 2019, I was looking for an internship position in software development. I came across a WhatsApp group for students who were looking for internship opportunities and I saw that Lizard Global is hiring interns. I immediately sent my resume to them and very soon I got a response to set the date for an interview. As I still remember, the interview was done by Guido, the CTO of Lizard Global. And, after some rounds of interviews and assessments, I successfully secured an internship at Lizard Global, soft-launching my journey as a member of the Lizard Family “

After finishing my 6 months internship, I left Malaysia in September 2019 and returned home country Afghanistan. To make it short, after the collapse of Afghanistan in 2021, I had no other choice because as millions of girls, I was also left disappointed with no future. Therefore, after trying different ways to get out of the country, Lizard Global came to my mind I contacted Jeremy (CTO) and he provided me with an opportunity to join Lizard Global in Malaysia.”

Afghanistan: Hardships of a woman in finding her own voice

“After finishing my internship, I went back to Afganistan in September 2019. Despite my qualifications and experience, it was a struggle to find a job. Not only securing a job as a woman is tough enough, COVID happened, closing every door and opportunity for women. I worked very hard to secure a job and during my 9 months of working as a Network Engineer and the Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan collapsed, taken by the Taliban in August 2021. I still remember the date”

Lizard Global, a beam of light in the darkness

“Living in a constant nightmare with almost no future, I knew that I needed to find my own freedom. That is when Lizard Global came into my mind. I already did my internship there, so most of them already know me, my character, skills, and attitude. So it seemed like a safe place.

At that moment, I contacted Jeremy, the CEO of Lizard Global explaining my situation and seeking help if they could help pull me out of the situation. At first, I didn't even ask for a job, I just wanted some external help, some sort of support. Jeremy immediately understood the situation, and after an extensive internal discussion, he came back to me shortly after with a job offer, as a QA Tester in Lizard Global.”

“I’m grateful for everyone at Lizard Global, especially Jeremy, Guido, and Terence. Everyone is genuinely trying to help. I can feel that. I can see that. I’m not just saying it, but I feel it”

“I consider myself one of the lucky people who was allowed to live a life again, especially with the help of Lizard Global. Even though we are not blood-related, Lizard Global had already seen me as a family member. And family helps each other.”

What do you like about your current role within the company?

“Well, Lizard Global is a great multicultural company and it’s really easy to approach everyone in the office or via chatting. It’s an environment that is based on respect, trust, freedom to share ideas, and a lot of flexibility. An environment in which there is no limit to growing in terms of communication, career, culture, and so forth. I usually reach out to my colleagues and teams face-to-face when I am at the office and when I am working from home I get in touch via chatting every day to make sure that I am up to date with my tasks and deadlines.”

How would you describe your typical day at Lizard Global?

“As a QA tester, I save time and boost productivity by seeing problems early on, like identifying illegible font, bad color combinations, broken links, poor navigation, etc., safeguard brand equity by preventing the release of a product that malfunctions or crashes, and guarantee scalability by making sure new features won't jeopardize security or user experience.”

With that being said, the position necessitates ongoing collaboration with the Design and Development Teams. I actively participate in all sprint planning, client meetings, and internal standups. In essence, I have to always be aware of and aware of the development and progress of every project.”

How would you describe the overall Lizard culture in KL?

“I love the diversity of Lizard Global and the opportunity to try new things and technologies. If you are a tech person Lizard Global is one of the best companies you can grow. An environment in which everyone is treated very well and the people who are ready to help you anytime. And of course, delivering the best quality products to different clients from all over the world.”

Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?

“As a QA tester, I want to develop my skill set. At the end of 5 years, I would love to be a QA expert that others can come to for ideas, help, and strategy in our company (Lizard Global). I’m motivated by connecting my initiatives to Lizard Global’s larger goals and I’m excited to get more experience in that. Plus I’d like to get into software development as well."

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Frequently asked questions



What is the role of a QA tester?

When it comes to providing clients with high-quality, flawlessly running software and web applications, quality assurance (QA) testers are essential. They inspect, test, and assess both new and current software to find and fix bugs, malfunctions, and other problems with the user experience.


What is the path to becoming a QA tester?

You'll need a degree in computer science, math, or engineering to work as a software tester. You can also get certified by national organizations or enroll in a coding boot camp. For this position, proficiency with test and automation tools, Linux, SQL, and analytics is essential.


What does a QA tester do?

A quality assurance tester verifies the functionality of software or websites. They make an effort to keep customers from downloading defective apps or other technology. In order to do this, QA testers conduct a range of manual and automated tests while the product is being developed. The intention is to attempt to damage the product or make it malfunction. This gives creators the information they need to refine their product before it is released onto the market.


Are QA testers in great demand in 2023?

The need for software testers is growing as technology advances and becomes more sophisticated. Together with a consistent and stable salary, software testing offers tremendous growth potential due to its ever-evolving technologies and extremely fulfilling roles.

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