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Community Governmental Mobile Application
The client
ACTnow is a collaborative creation between Lizard Global and its visionary client. Recognizing the cumbersome process of filing complaints at local councils, the client sought to streamline civic engagement. Lizard Global, with its expertise in software development and mobile app solutions, partnered closely with the client to bring ActNow to life.
The challenge
The challenge at hand was to alleviate the time-consuming and often frustrating process of reporting issues to local councils. Traditional complaint filing lacked transparency, leaving citizens in the dark about the resolution timeline. Lizard Global and the client aimed to develop a solution that not only simplified issue reporting but also provided municipalities with efficient tools for prioritization.
Our solution
ActNow emerged as the answer to the challenge, offering a comprehensive platform for citizens and municipalities. Through the app, citizens can anonymously report issues, while municipalities can utilize data intelligence to prioritize and resolve concerns efficiently. The emphasis on relevancy filtering ensures that urgent matters are addressed promptly, fostering a collaborative and responsive community.

Our Involvement

Software Development
Mobile App
Data Intelligence
MVP Delivery
The collaboration between Lizard Global and the client resulted in a powerful tool that empowers citizens to actively participate in community improvement, fostering a stronger connection between the public and local municipalities.

Centralized Issue Reporting

Empowering citizens to submit neighborhood concerns seamlessly and municipalities to prioritize efficiently.

One-stop Full Service

Facilitating anonymous issue reporting, progress tracking, and efficient problem resolution for citizens and municipalities.

Multi-Language Translator

Ensuring accessibility for all users and promoting community engagement across diverse language preferences.

Down the line

Looking ahead, ActNow holds the potential to transform civic engagement dynamics. As the app gains traction, it is poised to become a central hub for streamlined communication between citizens and municipalities. Continuous updates and enhancements promise a future where community concerns are addressed promptly, creating a more responsive and interconnected urban environment.
ActNow, born out of the collaboration between Lizard Global and a forward-thinking client, stands as a beacon of innovation in civic technology. By addressing the challenges associated with issue reporting, the app not only simplifies the process for citizens but also equips municipalities with the tools needed for efficient problem resolution. ActNow represents a significant step towards fostering a more engaged and responsive community, laying the foundation for a brighter and interconnected urban future.
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