Community Industry 4.0 Mobile Application
The client
Stefan and Carmen of Connected Global noticed an unsolved issue regarding the exchange of business cards. The global COVID-19 pandemic cancelled most in-person network events all over the world, which caused the exchange of business cards to come to a halt. Luckily, the innovative two-headed team of Connected Global quickly identified the problem and came up with an inspiring solution: digital business cards.
The challenge
When doing business, exchanging contact information is one of the most critical steps in the networking process. However, printed business cards are becoming outdated. It's easy to lose them, and piling them up on your desk doesn't help with following up on leads and business opportunities. Besides that, cancelled networking events have caused the exchange of physical business cards to almost completely die out. Up until now, there has been no solution on the market that offers a digital version of your business card, including the functionality to customize and share your design with the world.
Our solution
Together with Stefan and Carmen of Globiz, Lizard Global created a mobile application that allows users to create their own virtual business cards and share them via a personal QR code or link. The app also offers a business card wallet, which you can use to collect other business cards, without them getting lost on your desk. You can even customize your own business card with a unique design and invite your team members to your account to share your unique business card design.

Our Involvement

Technical Business Research
UI/UX Design
Custom Software Development

Mobile Platform for Digital Business Cards

Users can register themselves as an entity, and make use of the Globiz application to create, share, and collect digital business cards.

Customizable Business Cards

Users can customize the layout of input fields in their business cards in an easy and intuitive way.

Integrated Business Card Wallet

After scanning the QR-code of a business card, clicking the link, users can securely collect and store their scanned cards in their own personal integrated wallet.

Down the line

The Globiz application allows users to customize, share, collect and view their business cards. Users can set their own privacy preferences, and decide for themselves whether their card can be shared with and by others.
The Globiz mobile application comes with a fully integrated visual tutorial on how to design and customize your own digital business card. The tutorial guides you through the process of creating a card, saving your design, and sharing your business card with your contacts via a personal QR-code or link.

The Globiz mobile application for Android and iOS is the ultimate solution for customizing, sharing and collecting digital business cards while avoiding the disorganization and environmental impact of paper waste that physical business cards can bring along. Users of Globiz can follow an in-app tutorial to get started, and can choose their own preferred privacy settings. As usual, applications developed by Lizard Global follow the “Privacy by Design” and “Secure by Default” standards, to make sure that your data is safe at all times.

Want to design, collect and share your very own digital business cards? Download the application for Android and iOS in the app store and play store

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