Clear Vision Cooling

Industry 4.0 Wholesale Web Application
The client
Clear Vision Cooling (CVC) is a company fabricating commercial refrigeration doors, LEDs, and profiles using their own smart factory. These products are similar to the ones you would find in your local grocery store’s cooling section. The factory is almost completely autonomous and controlled by a dozen self-driving robots.
The challenge
Currently, a Production Manager (PM) uses an Excel-spreadsheet to plan and arrange the orders for the factory lines. This is cumbersome, slow, non-scalable, and prone to errors. Furthermore, as the factory offers just-in-time products, managing the planning is manual and prone to errors as priorities shift continuously.
Our solution
The goal of the CVC Dashboard is to provide a planning dashboard which gives the Production Manager insight into the current and upcoming factory orders (primary and secondary orders), which they can schedule and adjust in order to make the factory optimally efficient, meet CVC’s customer order needs, and provide an excellent customer experience.

Our Involvement

Digital Conceptualization
Technical Consultancy
UI/UX Design

Machine Learning Technologies

Almost the entire Clear Vision production process is done by engines that run on Machine Learning technologies, with which the CVC Dashboard can interact.

Smart Factory Management

Because close to all production is done automatically, Clear Vision can be defined as a so-called “smart factory”. The CVC Dashboard app lets Production Managers manage and control all automated systems.

Scalable Production Management

The CVC Dashboard application is designed and developed in such a way it’s prepared for growth, as Production Managers can manage the scalability of production.

Down the line

The CVC Dashboard app is designed to be able to communicate with machines built with Machine Learning technologies. Because the most part of Clear Vision’s machines are automated, it is essential for Production Managers to have a platform on which they can interact with the machines and supervise and steer all automated processes in an efficient way.


With the CVC Dashboard iPad application, users can supervise and adjust specific measurements of the refrigerators produced at the Clear Vision Cooling smart factory. They can adjust, for example, the number of shelves, door orientation, LED and lens type, light colour, cable length, and much more. All these measurements are neatly displayed on the CVC Ipad Dashboard interface, providing for an optimized user experience.
The Smart Factory of Clear Vision Cooling is a perfect example of the successful digital transformation of a business. And with our partnership and the innovative development of the CVC Dashboard application, all automated processes can be managed at any time. This way, the machines do the work, but production managers can still supervise and influence the production processes if needed.
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