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The client
Feet Clinic, a groundbreaking startup, envisions a world where foot care takes center stage in overall health. Committed to being a catalyst for change, Feet Clinic seeks to bridge the gap between patients, podologists, foot product suppliers, and, in the future, health agencies and insurance companies. With a mission to shift the mindset about foot care from low priority to a fundamental aspect of well-being, Feet Clinic is poised to become the go-to authority and official health label for foot healthcare.
The challenge
The challenge at hand was to revolutionize the perception of foot care. Despite being a core cause of health complaints, foot care often falls by the wayside. The task was to create a platform that not only educates and guides users in assessing medical conditions related to their feet but also seamlessly connects them with specialized products and professionals. Overcoming the low priority associated with foot care and establishing Feet Clinic as a trusted healthcare source were the primary challenges that needed innovative solutions.
Our solution
In collaboration with Lizard Global, Feet Clinic pioneered a comprehensive platform that addresses the challenges surrounding foot care. The solution involves a user-friendly interface where members can access preventative information, purchase specialized foot-related products, and connect with podologists. The platform acts as an authoritative source, offering a wealth of information about medical conditions related to feet. Through a combination of technical business consultancy, UI/UX design, digital concept development, a reward platform, and an agile approach to development, Feet Clinic is now positioned as the ultimate destination for feet healthcare.

Our Involvement

Technical Business Consultancy
UI/UX Design
Digital Concept
Reward Platform
Agile Approach
The technical business consultancy provided a solid foundation for the platform's functionality, ensuring it met the highest standards. Embracing an agile approach allowed us to adapt swiftly to evolving needs and emerging trends, ensuring Feet Clinic's success in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

Health-issue Prevention

Through personalized recommendations and comprehensive information, members can actively engage in preventative measures, ensuring long-term foot well-being.

Extensive Knowledge Base

The app provides in-depth insights into various foot-related medical conditions. This authoritative resource empowers users with expert advice, fostering a community built on awareness and informed decision-making.

Reward Platform

Employing gamification to motivate users in their foot care journey. Challenges, achievements, and rewards create an engaging experience, encouraging consistent user participation and commitment.

Easier Intake Process

Allows users to quickly assess their foot health, access relevant information, and connect with specialists seamlessly, making foot care an integrated and hassle-free part of users' overall health routine.

Down the line

Looking ahead, Feet Clinic is poised for continued growth and impact. The platform's robust foundation enables future integrations with health agencies and insurance companies, expanding its reach and services. As Feet Clinic evolves into a comprehensive health hub, its authority and official health label status will solidify. The commitment to preventative information, specialized products, and professional connections positions Feet Clinic at the forefront of feet healthcare, with the potential to reshape how society views and prioritizes foot care.
Feet Clinic and Lizard Global have collaboratively transformed the landscape of foot care. What began as a startup concept has now blossomed into a pioneering platform, breaking barriers and challenging perceptions. The dedication to technical excellence, user-centric design, and innovation has established Feet Clinic as an authoritative figure in the realm of feet healthcare. With a holistic approach and a commitment to user engagement, Feet Clinic is set to revolutionize how individuals perceive, prioritize, and care for their feet, ultimately contributing to overall health and well-being.
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