Human Resources Mobile Application
The client
GetHired is a cost-effective recruitment solution that helps companies automate sourcing, screening and interviewing of candidates. The interactive job platform has a primary focus on creating jobs for students and job seekers with a secondary and lower level of education. GetHired brings together employers and job seekers in a low-threshold way.
The challenge
Currently, there are limited solutions for job platforms or recruitment agencies on the Dutch market that are able to make the application process entirely possible on a mobile device. Most companies and platforms are still working in the traditional way: offering a mobile site or app, but refer back to the company site with a vacancy and require the job seeker to upload their resume and motivational letter. Jobseekers are discouraged because there is no possibility to apply by mobile phone. Using a mobile application should make it low-threshold and easy-to-use for the job seeker to apply for jobs and communicate with potential employers.
Our solution
Together with GetHired, Lizard Global developed an app in which job-seekers can apply without a CV. They create a profile that is reviewed by employers based on relevancy to ensure a good person-organisation fit. Chat features aid employers in organising interviews, which saves them a considerable amount of time. GetHired provides the solution of a 2-sided marketplace which facilitates an increased speed of interaction between job seekers and employers after a match has taken place based on vacancies.

Our Involvement

Digital Conceptualization
Technical Business Consultancy
UI/UX Design & Consultancy
Custom Software Development
GetHired is a cost-effective digital recruitment solution that automates the sourcing, screening and interviewing of job candidates and facilitates recruitment and onboarding processes.

Simplified vacancy and candidate profile search

In order to guarantee a satisfying user experience with the improvement of the process of finding candidates or jobs, GetHired implemented an optimized search feature.

Automated onboarding and recruitment process

Business process automation plays an important role in the development of the GetHired platform. The digital transformation of online recruitment greatly improves the experience of online job and candidate searching and onboarding processes.

Optimized user interaction & chat function

To make communication on the platform as smooth as possible, GetHired provides its users with an optimized chat feature with established matches.

Down the line

GetHired greatly improves efficiency on the employer side and builds a solution that caters to the entry-level staff, with an intent to make the lives of both candidates and employers easier.
GetHired Desktop
In order to offer its benefits to a broad audience, the GetHired platform is available on both mobile devices and desktops. But whereas the mobile version is fully designed and developed for job seekers, the desktop application is exclusively available for employers. The GetHired desktop app provides the option for employers to have a clear insight into the candidates that applied for their vacancy and offers the possibility to chat with them individually.
All the features you need
During the design and agile technical development of the GetHired platform, we made sure that all the important features are present. The integrated map shows you the locations of job offers or candidates near you, the chat provides a pleasant way of communicating with other users, and the personal profile page makes sure users can show themselves from their best side.
Together with GetHired, Lizard Global embraced the digital transformation of online recruitment. With the implementation of internal process automation and a design focused on an optimized user experience, GetHired forms the ultimate solution for the optimization of online job searching, candidate searching, recruiting, and onboarding.
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