E-Commerce Games Loyalty and Rewards Mobile Application
The client
Lion & Lion is a Malaysian organization that specializes in designing creative campaigns for retail companies to drive marketing-related targets and optimize the overall user experience of interacting with retail brands.
The challenge
The foremost problem the client faced was the overall difficulty in stimulating user engagement among their target audience in order to generate more sales and raise more broad brand awareness.
Our solution
Together with Lion & Lion, Lizard Global created a platform driven by gamification that results in loyalty and rewards by earning Points & Koins. Points are used for leaderboards and koins can be used to buy vouchers and products that were connected to Merchants for whom we built a redemption platform based on QR codes. The main target was to engage with the users via the platform, to ultimately push them towards the merchants at onsite locations or purchasing products/services online.

Our Involvement

UI/UX Consultancy
Custom Software Development
Gamification Integrations
Status-K showcases the optimized impact of, and Loyalty & Rewards on user engagement with a ground-breaking mobile application in which users can compete for coins in various districts.

Centralized Merchant Portal

The Merchant Portal is specifically built for Merchants to redeem vouchers codes and keep track of their inventory and sales statistics via a mobile responsive web platform.

Gamification and Loyalty & Reward

By creating gamified group-based competitions, where groups are led by Key Opinion Leaders, users are extra motivated to return to the platform and play more games.

E-Commerce Product Catalogue

The implementation of the product catalogue offers users the opportunity to spend their earned koins on a variety of event-related products and third-party products.

Down the line

With the mobile application of Status-K, users can navigate through various available districts, join their own klan and earn points in order to receive koins which they can use to browse and buy in-app products.

Challenge leaderboards, with Status-K

Status-K lets users discover the world of mobile games in a new and exciting way. Join Klans, discover various districts and unlock new districts by battling leaderboards with other Klans. Earn points to collect koins, browse the in-app product catalogue and reward yourself with a suitable event-related or third-party gift.
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