10 Aug, 2023
Asrul Ash, Content Writer

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For us, 2023 has been a successful year! When it comes to mobile apps, there are various ways to gain attention, but receiving an award unquestionably offers many advantages. Not only is it gratifying because it tells us that we are doing a good job and that the industry is taking note of our efforts, but it also gives us the exposure we need to continue developing and demonstrating to clients why we are the top software development companies in Australia. With this one, we were able to commemorate one of our most significant achievements.

The year has given us many invaluable lessons. The most crucial factor is how crucial teamwork and collaboration are to producing effective digital products. We completed nearly 100 significant projects up to this date across 25+ diverse industries, including FinTech, eCommerce, Education, HR, Mobility as a Service, Community, and more. For the Lizard Global family, it has been a memorable and successful year.

🏆 The milestone

We were nominated for inclusion in ReVerb's list of the Top Software Development Companies in Australia a while back. And today, we are delighted to share this good news with you.

Lizard Global has reached yet another big milestone by being named the #4 Best Software Development Companies in Australia, following an extensive review that recognizes individual quality, corporate strength, and project success in the region's custom software development business.

For those who are unfamiliar with ReVerb's list of the Best Software Development Companies in Australia, here is a brief background information. The honor recognized businesses with the qualifications, practical experience, products, and noteworthy accomplishments to meet the shifting demands of today's customers.

🦎 About us

We are a global business with headquarters in Rotterdam and Kuala Lumpur as well as commercial hubs all across the world, including Australia. More than just a software development company, the Lizard Global team acts as your full digital partner, creating innovative and distinctive web and mobile app experiences for our customers and their consumers since we were founded in 2012.

We established our name as the top software developer in Australia by continually going above and above while providing the best bespoke custom software solutions. This honor fully captures the effort and superior products of our team. We operate with a global network of partners, including Heineken, DEXTR, McDonald's, CNCRD, SHFT, and others, and provide our services all over the world.

Every sprint, the quality of the final product is ensured by our committed Scrum team, who employ Agile methodologies. Our Product Owners make sure that as the project moves forward, our partners are actively involved in managing priorities flexibly to maximize their return on investment.

🤝 Work with Lizard Global

As one of the best software development companies in Australia, Lizard Global assists several enterprises all over the world in creating effective digital solutions that have a lasting impact. We offer complete product development services, which include website design, development, hosting, support, and upkeep, among other things.

View examples of our work, discover more about working with us, or send us a message to arrange a meeting — consultations are always free!

Frequently asked questions



How does collaborating with Lizard Global work?

The Lizard Global partnership process entails a specialized mix of services, including digital conceptualization, technical business research, custom software development, UI/UX design, growth & digital marketing strategies, CRM integration, and now also specialized workshops. All of these activities take place in an agile working environment where communication with and close cooperation with the customer and end-user play a key role.


What is the price of developing a mobile app in Australia?

A new estimate places the price of creating an app in Australia between $50,000 and $250,000. The type of app, features, supported platforms, complexity, level of polish, and location of the development team are just a few of the factors that will affect actual expenses.


How will the process of making apps change in 2023?

Some of the most well-liked developments in mobile app development for 2023 include artificial intelligence, chatbots, and augmented reality. By adhering to the aforementioned trends, you can keep up with the most recent trends and make sure that your app is ahead of the competition.


What does agile mean?

The Agile technique divides a project into many parts and uses these phases to manage the project. Continuous improvement at every stage and ongoing collaboration with stakeholders is required. Teams cycle through a process of planning, carrying out, and assessing once the job starts.


How does digital transformation work?

The act of employing digital technology to build new business processes, cultures, and customer experiences—or adapt current ones—in order to satisfy shifting business and market requirements is known as digital transformation. Digital transformation refers to the reinvention of a company in the digital age.

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