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The e-commerce and online retail industry are technically born from modern technologies. Whereas we used to go to the nearest store to buy the products we needed, we can now order them on our phones, laptop and tablet, all from the comfort of our couch while merely lifting a finger.
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Implementing educational technologies in app development has resulted in a wide variety of EdTech tools that change the way we learn and teach. Education is continuously evolving and improving in order to make education available and easily accessible for everyone.
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The maritime industry possesses a long and impressive history that dates back hundreds of years. Nowadays, however, digital transformations are changing the shipping industry at a rapid pace. More and more shipments and supply chains are automated and managed digitally, on- and offshore, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
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The word FinTech comes from the combination of the terms “finance” and “technology” and refers to businesses that use technology to optimize financial services. Technology has always played a central role in the world of finance, albeit in different forms. However, more recent technologies, such as blockchain, proved to be a major gamechanger.
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Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) is the department of a business responsible for finding, screening, recruiting, onboarding job applicants, and much more. Digital optimizations within the HR industry generally involve the automation of repetitive processes, or the optimization of workplace environments by lean analytics.

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