Digital Solutions for the Human Resources Industry

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Human Resources (HR) is the department of a business responsible for finding, screening, recruiting, onboarding job applicants, and much more. Digital optimizations within the HR industry generally involve the automation of repetitive processes, or the optimization of workplace environments by lean analytics.
UnlocQed provides a two-sided match-making marketplace where job seekers and employers can find each other.

Skill-oriented gamification

Development of individual skills and knowledge by completing gamified challenges.

Digitalized recruitment processes

Onboarding and employee management made easy by digitalized and automated recruit processes.

Detailed user profile customization

Online recruitment platforms for organizations and job seekers with detailed profile customization.

Digital two-sided job marketplace & job catalogue

A match-making platform for connecting job seekers with employers based on skills, ambitions and objectives.

Multi-level skill and performance tracker

An application for improving knowledge and skills with integrated performance tracker in the form of data visualizations.

Professional in-app HR advice

Professional HR specialists help users in analysing the cultural alignment within their organization with personalized advice.

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