Digital Solutions for the Maritime Industry

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The maritime industry possesses a long and impressive history that dates back hundreds of years. Nowadays, however, digital transformations are changing the shipping industry at a rapid pace. More and more shipments and supply chains are automated and managed digitally, on- and offshore, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Skoon Cloud is a digital two-sided marketplace for searching, renting and lending out sustainable container batteries.

Real-time location tracker

Real-time insights into the location of vessels through API integration.

Seamless user interface

A user interface designed and built by the means of iterative research.

Cloud-based online marketplace

A cloud-based digital marketplace for renting (out) container batteries.

On- and offshore process automation

Digitalization of complex and document-heavy processes through data intelligence.

Digital data visualization dashboard

Increased visibility and transparency into data that matters in one single and secure digital environment.

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