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The word FinTech comes from the combination of the terms “finance” and “technology” and refers to businesses that use technology to optimize financial services. Technology has always played a central role in the world of finance, albeit in different forms. However, more recent technologies, such as blockchain, proved to be a major gamechanger.
A custom software solution that provides resellers, providers and consumers with a cutting-edge order management system.

Online payment platform

A digital environment for quick and secure online payments.

Digital financial risk assessments

Distributing, collecting and analyzing digital surveys for financial risk assessments.

Blockchain-based smart contract platform

An online platform for creating, signing and saving smart contracts, secured by blockchain technology.

Currency exchanger

Easily exchange currencies for other currencies and vouchers in a safe digital platform.

Order management software

Custom solutions that provide resellers, providers and consumers order management in an accurate, honest and efficient way.

Real-time data insights

Real-time insights into financial transactions and balances, concretely visualized in one single platform.

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