14 Dec, 2023
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As Lizard Global joyously marks a decade of ingenuity and growth, our hearts swell with pride as we look back on the transformative journey we've undertaken. Our 10th-year anniversary is not merely a milestone; it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and our ceaseless pursuit of delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry standards.

Over this remarkable decade, we have evolved into a dynamic force, weaving our technological prowess across more than 25 diverse sectors. The landscape of our expertise is vast, ranging from the harmonious realms of music to the intricate networks of Industry 4.0, from the bustling corridors of wholesale trade to the critical corridors of healthcare.

In this exclusive two-part blog series, we unveil the layers of our accomplishments, casting a spotlight on the profound impact we've had on industries far and wide. Together, we'll traverse through 12 distinct industries, each representing a chapter in our narrative of growth and innovation. Welcome to the second part of our celebratory saga—Lizard Global's Best-in-Class Projects Across 12 Diverse Industries.

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13. Music: Harmonizing the Digital Experience

Who is the best app development company for the entertainment industry? Lizard Global has made a profound impact, exemplified by our involvement in groundbreaking projects like Huggnote and Golden Hearing. These ventures not only reflect our technical prowess but also our commitment to enhancing the way users interact with music in the digital realm.

Huggnote: A Melodic Expression of Connection

Huggnote, a platform designed to send heartfelt messages through personalized songs, sought our expertise when their previous developer encountered challenges in updating their existing platform. Lizard Global stepped in, not only rewriting critical components but also introducing vibrant holiday themes and incorporating a plethora of new songs into their repertoire.

One of our key contributions was the provision of regular content updates for Huggnote. Ensuring a seamless flow of fresh musical options, we became instrumental in enhancing user engagement. Furthermore, recognizing the importance of autonomy, we meticulously documented and provided detailed instructions on simpler updates, empowering the Huggnote team to manage certain aspects independently.

Golden Hearing: Unveiling Emotional Responses to Music

In the pursuit of unraveling the emotional tapestry woven by music, Lizard Global partnered with Golden Hearing to develop the EmoPulse app. This groundbreaking application aimed to track and record emotional responses to music based on biometric data, unraveling new insights into how individuals interact with their favorite tunes.

The Golden Hearing EmoPulse app seamlessly integrates with activity trackers, establishing real-time connections and data streaming. This innovative approach allows emotional responses to be intricately linked to the specific music individuals are listening to, providing a nuanced understanding of the emotional impact of music. In a world where music often serves as a conduit for emotions, Golden Hearing, in collaboration with Lizard Global, has taken a pioneering step toward quantifying and understanding these emotional connections in a meaningful way.

14. Online: Transforming Digital Landscapes

What is the best e-commerce mobile app development company? Lizard Global has spearheaded transformative projects that redefine how businesses operate and connect with their audience. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital innovation is vividly demonstrated through our collaborations with Perpetual Memorial Services, BEE In Demand, and Luxury Stickers.

Perpetual Memorial CRM: Digitizing Funeral Services

Perpetual Memorial Park, a distinguished memorial park in Malaysia, sought Lizard Global's expertise to embark on a digital transformation journey. Facing the challenge of lacking a structured roadmap for brand growth, Perpetual Memorial Services envisioned a phased approach using digital technologies. Lizard Global stepped in to integrate an E-Commerce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, introducing a new digital frontier for future sales and initiating a multilevel marketing approach.

In addition, we implemented Service Facilitation Software, disrupting the funeral service industry with cutting-edge technology. This software enhances event management and sales processes, elevating the standards of service in the country. Through this collaboration, Lizard Global has not only embraced technological innovation but has also contributed to reshaping the funeral service landscape with a forward-thinking approach.

BEE In Demand: Elevating Personal Branding

For BEE In Demand, a personal branding agency supporting young professionals, Lizard Global embarked on a mission to streamline and elevate the personal branding experience. The challenge was to create a personal dashboard that minimizes client effort while efficiently processing tasks and providing a comprehensive overview of completed and pending tasks. Our solution was a platform where clients could seamlessly upload their documents, allowing BEE In Demand to review and update them. This process not only streamlined the personal branding workflow but also prepared young professionals for the competitive job market, regardless of their industry.

Luxury Stickers: Engaging Visual Luxury

Lizard Global's collaboration with Luxury Stickers unfolded in the realm of luxury fashion, where the goal was to harness the power of visual social media channels. Recognizing the underutilization of these platforms by luxury brands, we introduced a community app that allowed users to customize and share photos. This not only empowered users to express their creativity but also provided luxury brands like Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Giorgio Armani with a unique avenue to engage with a wider audience. Through the Luxury Stickers project, Lizard Global demonstrated its ability to innovate within the luxury fashion sector, marrying technology with the timeless allure of high-end brands.

15. Automotive: Driving Innovation in Mobility

How do I choose an app development company? Lizard Global has left an indelible mark by driving innovation in mobility. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our collaboration with Van Eijck, an international car rescue company specializing in car and truck transport, storage, assistance, and replacement transport.

Van Eijck: Revolutionizing Vehicle Recovery Services

Van Eijck, with its expertise in car rescue and transport services, faced the challenge of digitizing its complex processes and infrastructure. Prior experiences with low-quality development companies left them seeking a reliable partner to create a centralized system that would streamline their operations. Enter Lizard Global, who took on the challenge and developed the Vehicle Recovery System (VRS) app.

The VRS app is a testament to Lizard Global's commitment to creating user-friendly and efficient solutions. It serves as a centralized hub, enabling emergency centers to seamlessly dispatch new tasks to both internal and external employees. One of its key functionalities is the ability to gather real-time data from motorists on location, providing the office staff with invaluable information to facilitate swift and effective follow-ups on each incident. Through the VRS app, Lizard Global has not only addressed the digital transformation needs of Van Eijck but has also played a pivotal role in revolutionizing how vehicle recovery services are managed and executed.

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16. Healthcare: Empowering Patient-Centric Care

What is the best healthcare app development company? Lizard Global has been at the forefront of empowering patient-centric care through innovative projects that address unique challenges. Our commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of individuals is exemplified in our collaborations with Retiink, Jordan - Workshop, and RealFaceValue.

Retiink: Nurturing Hope and Healing

Retiink is a manifestation of Nicole's vision to support individuals recovering from brain injuries. Acknowledging that the journey to healing extends beyond anatomy and physiology, Retiink's "Holding On To Hope" initiative is designed to assist individuals in reaching their highest potential. The platform focuses on supporting the rehabilitation process and effectively managing memory and organizational issues post-brain injury through challenging brain training games and efficient task management. Lizard Global's involvement in Retiink underscores our commitment to using technology to enhance the quality of life for those facing unique health challenges.

Jordan - Workshop: Revolutionizing Oral Care

Jordan, a well-established Scandinavian brand in oral care, approached Lizard Global to enhance brand awareness and customer loyalty for its Green Clean product line in Malaysia. Leveraging our expertise, we crafted a solution aimed at stimulating growth and increasing customer engagement in the Malaysian market. By generating awareness through innovative campaigns and encouraging customers to subscribe to oral care subscriptions, we aimed to foster increased customer loyalty and elevate the overall Customer Lifetime Value for Jordan's products.

RealFaceValue: Redefining Aesthetic and Social Impact

RealFaceValue, a collaboration between Lizard Global and plastic surgeon Jacques, delves into the social and aesthetic aspects of facial appearance. The app developed by Lizard Global translates Jacques' design and algorithm into a well-functioning web application. RealFaceValue provides users with a visual representation of their face and offers feedback on aesthetic, social, and professional aspects. It goes a step further by revealing the perceptions strangers form about the user's character in the first second they see them. Through this project, Lizard Global continues to showcase its ability to blend technology with healthcare, addressing not only physical but also social and emotional aspects of well-being.

17. Industry 4.0: Revolutionizing Manufacturing Processes

In the realm of Industry 4.0, Lizard Global has been a catalyst for change, revolutionizing manufacturing processes through transformative projects. Our commitment to enhancing efficiency and embracing technological innovation is vividly illustrated in our collaborations with Clear Vision Cooling, PECO Douwes, and Globiz.

Clear Vision Cooling: Orchestrating Efficiency in Manufacturing

Clear Vision Cooling (CVC) operates a smart factory, fabricating commercial refrigeration doors, LEDs, and profiles. Seeking to optimize its production management, CVC faced challenges with the traditional Excel-based planning system. Lizard Global stepped in to develop the CVC Dashboard, a planning tool that empowers the Production Manager (PM) with real-time insights into current and upcoming factory orders. The dashboard facilitates dynamic scheduling and adjustments, ensuring optimal efficiency and alignment with customer order needs. The integration of this solution demonstrates Lizard Global's commitment to driving efficiency and scalability in manufacturing through Industry 4.0 principles.

PECO DOUWES: Streamlining Construction Processes

PECO Douwes BV, a subsidiary of Industrade-Benelux, specializes in assembly tools for construction projects. Recognizing the need for a reliable tool to choose the right bolts and torque materials, PECO Douwes collaborated with Lizard Global. The result was an innovative application that allows clients to calculate bolt sizes and torques, empowering them to make informed decisions and streamline construction processes. This project showcases Lizard Global's ability to integrate technology seamlessly into traditional industries, enhancing decision-making processes and saving time and resources.

Globiz: Digitizing Business Networking

Globiz, led by Stefan and Carmen of Connected Global, identified a gap in the traditional exchange of business cards exacerbated by the global COVID-19 pandemic. In response, Lizard Global collaborated with Globiz to develop a mobile application that revolutionizes business networking. The app enables users to create and design virtual business cards, share them through personalized QR codes or links, and conveniently collect cards in an in-app wallet. This project not only addresses the challenges posed by the pandemic but also represents a forward-thinking approach to digitizing and enhancing business networking in a tech-driven world.

18. Wholesale: Streamlining Procurement for Construction Professionals

Lizard Global has been instrumental in streamlining procurement processes for construction professionals through innovative projects. Our commitment to efficiency, scalability, and user-centric solutions is prominently showcased in our collaborations with Bouwmaterialen Nederland (BMN) and Isero.

Bouwmaterialen Nederland (BMN): Digitizing Construction Procurement

BMN, a provider of materials and services for professional builders, embarked on a mission to streamline its service while fulfilling its social mission of offering affordable housing. The existing process involved lengthy, manual visits to houses, resulting in the need for digitization and ordering. Lizard Global stepped in to create the BMN Connect app, a comprehensive measurement and task management tool for building companies and contractors.

The BMN Connect app revolutionizes the construction procurement process by providing a full-service solution. Users can efficiently measure and order a wide range of products for entire houses, spanning from structural elements like wood and plate to finishing touches such as kitchen installations, insulation, doors, and more. This innovative app not only enhances efficiency in procurement but also aligns with BMN's commitment to affordable housing by optimizing their operational processes.

Isero: Empowering Construction Professionals with a Mobile Webshop

Isero, a Dutch-based wholesaler specializing in hardware, tools, fasteners, workwear, and PPE, faced the challenge of providing its customers with a convenient online platform to find, filter, and purchase products. Seeking scalability and increased sales, Isero partnered with Lizard Global to conceptualize and deliver a solution. The result was a mobile webshop that empowers Isero's customers to browse through physical stores, locate available products at specific locations, and make hassle-free purchases.

The mobile webshop not only simplifies the procurement process but also saves valuable time for construction professionals. By bringing the physical store experience into the digital realm, Isero ensures that its customers can easily access and purchase the products they need, contributing to a more efficient and seamless procurement journey.

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19. Transport: Navigating the Future of Mobility

Lizard Global has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobility through innovative projects. Our commitment to providing seamless and user-centric transportation experiences is evident in our collaborations with Transvision's VaxiTaxi and Eco Planeta.

VaxiTaxi (Transvision): Simplifying Vaccination Transportation

Transvision, a provider of transportation solutions, recognized the increasing demand for transport to vaccination appointments as COVID-19 vaccinations gained momentum in The Netherlands. In response, Transvision, in collaboration with Lizard Global, launched VaxiTaxi.nl—a prepaid round-trip taxi booking site designed specifically to facilitate transportation for individuals who are unable to travel to their vaccination appointments independently.

The VaxiTaxi platform streamlines the process of booking rides to vaccination appointments online, offering a user-friendly solution that ensures a safe and convenient journey for individuals seeking vaccination transportation. Through this collaboration, Lizard Global and Transvision have demonstrated their commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good, addressing the specific needs that emerged during the global pandemic.

Eco Planeta: Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Rentals

Eco Planeta, a family business providing electric low-speed vehicle rental solutions, sought to revolutionize its operations by consolidating and automating various processes. Currently utilizing three different applications to manage rentals and customer interactions, Eco Planeta faced challenges in monitoring cart availability and ensuring a streamlined customer journey. Collaborating with Lizard Global, Eco Planeta embarked on creating a custom solution that automates booking processes and integrates operational aspects such as payment, digital signing, damage handling, and more.

The goal is to simplify the customer journey and enhance operational efficiency by bringing all essential processes into a unified, user-friendly platform. This collaboration exemplifies Lizard Global's commitment to redefining transport solutions, making them more accessible, efficient, and user-centric.

20. Loyalty & Rewards: Transforming Customer Engagement in the Fast Food Industry

How much does it cost to create a loyalty app? Lizard Global has been at the forefront of transforming customer engagement through innovative Loyalty & Rewards platforms. Our commitment to redefining marketing strategies is exemplified in our collaborations with two giants in the fast-food industry, KFC and McDonald's.

KFC: Elevating Customer Loyalty with Chick 'n Spin

KFC, in partnership with Ogilvy, sought to boost its customer loyalty and recurring purchases. Facing challenges with its own campaigns, KFC enlisted the expertise of a third party to deploy a creative solution. The result was the creation of a Loyalty & Reward platform featuring a unique "Chick 'n Spin" feature—a spin-the-wheel mechanism where customers could receive discounts or free meals. This interactive and gamified approach, designed to enhance customer engagement, became a big success for KFC.

The Chick 'n Spin feature not only addressed KFC's goal of boosting loyalty but also demonstrated the effectiveness of innovative marketing strategies in the fast-food industry. Lizard Global's collaboration with KFC showcases our ability to create tailored Loyalty & Reward platforms that align with the specific needs and branding goals of our clients.

McDonald's: Redefining Value with McCoins

McDonald's, being the largest fast-food restaurant chain globally, constantly seeks new tools to enhance its marketing strategies. Recognizing the perception challenges associated with high-calorie meals and health concerns, McDonald's collaborated with Lizard Global to create a groundbreaking Loyalty & Reward platform.

Lizard Global's solution for McDonald's involved the creation of a platform where users could redeem McCoins after burning calories, measured by their phones. These McCoins could then be used to purchase McMeals at a reduced price. The unique aspect of this Loyalty & Reward system lies in the algorithm that determines the amount of discount, similar to BitCoins. By linking rewards to physical activity, McDonald's aimed to redefine the value proposition, addressing health-related concerns and providing customers with an innovative way to enjoy their meals.

21. Gamification: Elevating User Engagement through Innovative Platforms

What is the best game developing company? Lizard Global has been a driving force, creating platforms that captivate audiences and deliver unique experiences. Our commitment to enhancing user interaction is vividly demonstrated in our collaborations with Lion & Lion's Status K and The Better Sudoku.

Status K, The City: Gamified Retail Engagement

Lion & Lion, a Malaysian organization specializing in creative campaigns for retail companies, faced the challenge of stimulating user engagement to drive sales and enhance brand awareness. Enter Status K, a gamified platform developed by Lizard Global. This innovative solution allows users to earn Points & Koins, with Points contributing to leaderboards and Koins enabling the purchase of vouchers and products connected to partner Merchants. To enhance the redemption process, Lizard Global built a platform based on QR codes, providing a seamless and engaging experience for users. Through Status K, Lizard Global and Lion & Lion have successfully tackled the challenge of engaging retail audiences through gamification, creating a platform that not only captivates but also drives tangible results.

The Better Sudoku: Reinventing Puzzle Apps

The Better Sudoku emerged from a collaboration where clients pooled their knowledge and resources to create a sudoku application that stands out in the market. Recognizing the limitations of existing sudoku apps—old-school designs, limited puzzles, lack of updates, and intrusive ads—Lizard Global partnered with The Better Sudoku to design and develop a cutting-edge application.

This innovative sudoku app offers users an ad-free experience, the option to purchase premium subscriptions, and the ability to scan hard copy sudoku puzzles for mobile play. The sleek design and modern functionalities set The Better Sudoku apart in a crowded market, providing users with a refreshing and engaging way to enjoy this classic puzzle. Through this collaboration, Lizard Global showcases its ability to elevate user experiences through thoughtful design, cutting-edge technology, and innovative functionalities.

22. Innovation in Publishing: Empowering Authors and Readers

Lizard Global has been a catalyst for innovation, empowering both authors and readers. Our commitment to transforming ideas into high-quality applications is vividly demonstrated in our collaborations with Authorly and One Tail Dragon.

Authorly: Revolutionizing Book Distribution

Authorly, a crowdfund platform for authors operating under Readontime, addresses the challenges faced by small authors in getting their books published. The traditional publishing route often requires significant funding and involves a complex supply chain. Lizard Global partnered with Authorly to create a clickable demo for a desktop platform, showcasing the vision of an innovative solution. This demo not only served as a visual representation of the platform for potential investors but also highlighted the potential of Authorly in disrupting the publishing industry. Lizard Global's collaboration with Authorly exemplifies our commitment to supporting authors and democratizing the publishing process through innovative digital solutions.

One Tail Dragon: Redefining the Graphic Novel Marketplace

Eric Beh, the CEO of Beh Manufacturing, envisioned transforming ideas into new businesses, with a focus on the Malaysian market. Recognizing the inefficiencies in the current market for graphic novels and comics, particularly in compensating all stakeholders, Beh Manufacturing collaborated with Lizard Global to create an MVP for One Tail Dragon.

One Tail Dragon is a two-sided marketplace that addresses the imbalance in compensation by allowing users to upload and manage their own novels. This digital environment not only provides readers with access to novels of interest but also ensures fair compensation mechanisms for authors and translators. Lizard Global's involvement in creating the MVP for One Tail Dragon underscores our commitment to reshaping the digital publishing landscape, providing a platform that benefits all stakeholders and fosters a vibrant community of authors and readers.

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23. Pet Care: Revolutionizing Pet Ownership with the Pets App

What is pet care app? Lizard Global has been a driving force, revolutionizing pet ownership through innovative solutions. Our commitment to simplifying and optimizing the pet care system is vividly demonstrated in our collaboration with Pets, resulting in the creation of the Pets App.

Pets App: Centralizing Pet Information for Enhanced Care

Pets, a business in the pet industry, recognized the challenges faced by pet owners in balancing their busy lives with the responsibilities of pet care. Lizard Global partnered with Pets to address this need by creating the Pets App—a comprehensive solution that brings together the pet community and centralizes crucial information about pets. The Pets App serves as a centralized hub, offering convenience, control, and optimized care systems for both pet owners and service providers in the pet industry.

Key features of the Pets App include centralization of information, providing users with a streamlined platform to access essential details about their pets. This includes updated insights into a pet's details, medical records, and automated event- and appointment reminders. The app not only caters to the needs of pet owners but also enhances collaboration with businesses and service providers in the pet industry. It fosters a community where pet care becomes more efficient, convenient, and tailored to the unique needs of each pet.

24. Industrial Automation: Revolutionizing Pipeline Pre-Commissioning with PCC Solution

Lizard Global has spearheaded transformative projects in industrial automation, and our commitment to efficiency and precision is exemplified in our collaboration on the Pipeline Pre-Commissioning (PPC) Solution.

Pipeline Pre-Commissioning (PPC) Solution: Enhancing On-Site Data Processes

The primary goal of the PPC Solution is to revolutionize the on-site data entry process for pipeline pre-commissioning, providing live data updates from any location worldwide. Traditionally, machine operators have grappled with manual data entry, leading to delays in processing information and increased potential for human error. To address these challenges, Lizard Global partnered with the industry to develop a solution that automates and streamlines the data entry process.

The PPC Solution replaces cumbersome hard copy manuals with a user-friendly data entry interface accessible on touch screen tablets or smartphones. This not only accelerates the data entry process but also minimizes the likelihood of errors associated with manual entry. Clients and supervisors benefit from custom dashboards that offer real-time insights into the data, allowing for better decision-making and resource allocation.

Key benefits of the PPC Solution include the elimination of the need to re-enter data from hard copy manuals into Excel sheets, the ability to identify trends, a reduction in manual errors, and improved resource allocation to different positions. By embracing digital transformation in the pre-commissioning process, Lizard Global's collaboration on the PPC Solution showcases our commitment to advancing industrial automation, improving efficiency, and reducing the margin for error in critical data processes.

Lizard Global: Transforming Industries, Empowering Innovation, Your Trusted Partner Worldwide

As a trusted partner in custom software development, Lizard Global stands at the forefront of innovation, bringing tailored solutions to address diverse industry needs. Our extensive portfolio showcases a commitment to excellence in web and mobile app development, with a focus on revolutionizing traditional processes and enhancing user experiences. You, who is seeking a reliable ally in navigating the complexities of software development can trust Lizard Global to deliver cutting-edge solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Lizard Global's expertise extends to a myriad of industries. By collaborating with us, you can tap into a wealth of experience, benefiting from our proficiency in creating bespoke software solutions that address specific challenges and drive business growth. Whether it's streamlining operations through industrial automation projects, revolutionizing pet care with user-centric apps, or enhancing loyalty and rewards programs for global fast-food chains, our diverse range of successful collaborations underscores our capability as a versatile and trusted partner.

Design Thinking at the Core of Custom Software Excellence

Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that places a strong emphasis on understanding the needs and perspectives of end-users. It is a human-centric methodology that involves empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing to create innovative and effective solutions. The design thinking process typically includes the following stages:

1. Empathize: Understanding the needs and challenges of the end-users is the first step. This involves conducting interviews, observations, and engaging in activities that help the design team gain deep insights into the user's experiences and emotions.

2. Define: Based on the insights gathered, the design team defines the problem they are solving. This step involves synthesizing the information collected during the empathy phase and forming a clear and concise problem statement.

3. Ideate: In this stage, the team generates a wide range of ideas. It's a creative brainstorming process where no idea is initially considered too far-fetched. The goal is to encourage diverse thinking and explore innovative solutions.

4. Prototype: The selected ideas are then translated into tangible representations or prototypes. These can take various forms, from simple sketches to more complex interactive models. Prototypes allow the team to visualize and test their ideas quickly.

5. Test: Prototypes are tested with end-users to gather feedback and insights. This iterative process helps refine and improve the solutions based on real-world reactions and experiences.

Design thinking is valuable because it encourages a holistic and user-centric approach to problem-solving. By focusing on the needs and experiences of the end-users, design thinking helps create solutions that are not only functional but also resonate with the intended audience. It fosters creativity, collaboration, and adaptability, making it a powerful methodology for tackling complex challenges in various fields, from product design and software development to business strategy and organizational innovation.

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10 Years of Lizard Global

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Lizard Global offers comprehensive web and mobile application development services. This includes but is not limited to UI/UX design, full-stack development, data science, digital marketing, and innovative solutions tailored to specific industry needs. Our expertise spans a wide range of sectors, contributing to the digital transformation of businesses.


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Lizard Global has been in business for a decade, celebrating our 10th anniversary. With a decade of experience, we have established ourselves as a leading web and mobile application development company, consistently delivering innovative solutions to clients across diverse industries.


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